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In the world of swimming pools and wellness parks, Watergames & More’s products serve as a marvellous addition to the fun or relaxation. By investing a little more in your public or private swimming pool, you can attract a larger range of target groups, which offers considerable commercial benefits. Swimming pools with waterslides, spray parks or inflatable elements attract considerably more visitors. What if you were to add all kinds of customized elements, though? In that case, you should prepare to receive long queues of visitors, who come to visit your pool again and again! Regardless of whether your pool is aimed at infants, schoolchildren, adolescents, adults or parents with babies, the products supplied by Watergames & More enable you to transform your pool or wellness centre into a local hotspot.

The products are manufactured using high quality materials. In addition, they are durable and easy to maintain, enabling you to enjoy your water product for years to come. Our flexibility offers you the scope to create a unique design, which we then jointly develop. We would be pleased to acquaint you with the entire range of equipment, themes and materials, so that you can compose your own water attraction.

See how other pools laid out their sites, and acquire the inspiration to design you own! Each of the projects featured is accompanied by videos, photos, site information, brochures, catalogues and news items.

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monte mare Swimming Pool Kreuzau (Germany)
Spray Parks
12 Oct 2020 - Projects
Lesezeit: 1,5 Minute Watergames & More refurbished H2O Herford Sports & Water Park’s toddler pool, while simultaneously developing a new water attraction: half of the toddler pool was converted into a Spray Park i...
25 Aug 2020 - Products
Reading time: 1,5 minute Watergames & More recently developed an innovative and high quality package of multimedia effects for waterslides, which enables one to offer visitors a spectacular experience. This article con...
04 Aug 2020 - Projects
Les Thermes is a wellness centre in Strassen & Bertrange, to the west of Luxembourg’s capital. Watergames & More recently created a unique Spray Park with a ‘space’ theme there. The Spray Park has a surface area of 74m² (152m² in...
08 Jun 2020 - Projects
Reading time: 1,5 Minutes Watergames & More recently supplied an outdoor Spray Park, as part of the large-scale refurbishment of Copa Ca Backum swimming pool (in the German town of Herten, close to Dortmund and Essen)...

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