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The numbers of theme and amusement parks have risen sharply in recent years. The increasing competition that resulted is prompting more and more parks to invest in unique and exceptional attractions. In addition, keen discounts on ticket prices are regularly offered with a view filling the park to capacity. Park owners therefore regularly enquire of us: ‘How can I retain an edge on my rivals?’ While it remains important to innovate and provide attractions that stand out, the investment nevertheless has to yield a profit.

Watergames & More has a wide range of water play products that serve as a perfect addition in improving or revamping your attraction or theme park. It is no easy task to turn a park into a crowd puller, as it calls for both investment in quality products and a partner that offers ample opportunities in the area of customisation. Both children and adults are naturally attracted to water. Combine water with interactive equipment, multimedia effects and sensational theming in creating an attraction that you and your guests will enjoy for years to come.

You will find that Watergames & More’s customers have the most spectacular water play setups. The combination and theming of various products enables one to create a unique water playground with an astounding appeal to children and their parents alike. Any concept can be realised, regardless of whether the budget is large or small. This page features a selection of the water paradises that we constructed for other amusement and theme parks, which we trust will make you just as enthusiastic about these wonderful playgrounds as we ourselves. We are curious to learn what kind of ideas you conceive for your own park!

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Spray Parks
Familypark St. Margarethen, Austria
Spray Parks
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21 Dec 2020 - Products
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