De Soeverein sports centre

Watergames & More built an outdoor Spray Park, indoor Splash Area (Spray Park equipment in a paddling pool) and an indoor waterslide as part of the construction of the brand new Optisport Sports Centre de Soeverein. Built to replace a 45-year-old swimming pool, the sports centre opened on 27 October 2018. Its inclusion of various water attractions is designed to cater to several target groups.

Partners & activities
Watergames & More cooperated with swimming pool construction specialist Pelikaan Bouwbedrijf and POS4 Architekten of Düsseldorf in constructing the new sports centre. The German firm of architects POS4 produced the design for the sports centre. Dutch building contractor Pelikaan Bouwbedrijf bore responsibility for its construction. The three water attractions were built by Watergames & More.

We also installed the technical systems and carried out structural work as part of constructing the Spray Park. In creating a Splash Area, we installed the water play equipment and supplied the control technology (comprising a controller, manifold and activator pole).

Spray Park
We constructed a Spray Park in the grounds. The Spray Park comprises various items of equipment supplied by our partner, Waterplay Solutions Corp.. This includes Puddles, which spray water whenever children jump on them. However, the Sneaky Soaker 3 (tipping buckets) and a Spiral Tunnel (water fountain arches) also proved indispensable in this regard. Various types of ground sprays were also installed to make the Spray Park extra spectacular.

A third party fitted shade sails to cast the necessary shade on the water playground.

Splash Area

Splash Area
Watergames & More constructed an indoor Splash Area next to the Spray Park by erecting water play equipment in the two paddling pools. The two pools have different water depths. One is intended for toddlers, and therefore has a depth of 20 centimetres. The other is 40cm deep, which is suitable for pre-schoolers. The pools are fitted with various items of equipment, such as a Sneaky Soaker 3 (tipping buckets), a Funbrella (umbrella spray) and a Misty Twisty. The Misty Twisty is a rotating puzzle that starts spraying when the images are twisted in the right direction. Various sprays have also been incorporated in the pool walls and floor.

The Splash Area is also equipped with a Discoverer waterslide. This type of waterslide, which has a maximum height of 1 metre, is an ideal addition to a paddling pool and can be manufactured in all sorts of themes. We gave the waterslide an elephant theme for this project.

WaveRider waterslide
We erected a WaveRider directly adjacent to the paddling pool, which is a waterslide suitable for the whole family. Read more about it on this project page.

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