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In the process of renovating and extending the park’s toddler pool, Watergames & More constructed a Spray Park at the H2O Herford Sports & Water Park in Germany, which is based on the ‘Tabokiri’ jungle theme. In order to create a stunning attraction for H2O Herford, Watergames & More converted its toddler pool into an interactive water playground.

Project activities
With a view to unburdening H2O Herford as fully as possible, Watergames & More also coordinated all matters involved in the construction of a Spray Park. Watergames & More was involved in the entire process from A to Z; from the customised design, to execution of all the construction work and installation of the water supply system. Adapting the scheduling is just one of the means by which we endeavoured to unburden H2O Herford. Due to the Corona measures implemented, this sports & water park was forced to close down for some time. At the client’s request, Watergames & More therefore proceeded to commence work in the meantime. This implied that the swimming pool did have to be closed again later in the year, in order to be refurbished.

Spray Park elements
The Spray Park occupies an area of approximately 75m². H2O Herford opted to have three Surf Stones and a Gecko ground spray installed, among other things. Surf Stones are wet stones which create enjoyable soft water effects. The stones are sandblasted to create a playing surface that is both grippy and safe, while it can also be retrospectively applied to an existing ground spray to lend a fresh, new look. The Gecko ground spray is an interactive element in the form of a Gecko. The Gecko switches to increasingly larger nozzles whenever children cooperate with one another in covering up nozzles. In addition, the Spray Park design comprises elements supplied by our partner, Waterplay Solutions Corp., including grass blades, butterflies, a river and flowers, so that it merges seamlessly with the jungle theme of H2O Herford’s Caribbean island ‘Tabokiri’.

Theming featuring mascots
The Spray Park is fully themed. Its design comprises various characters from H2O Herford’s Tabokiri story, including Freddy the monkey, Koko the parrot and Splash. Splash has also developed into a highly characteristic feature of the Spray Park. One of the park’s interactive water play elements has been customised to resemble Splash.


Construction of custom-made items
The mascots and the mangrove tree were hand crafted, by cutting and sanding compressed foam into the exact shape required. The custom-made items were then laminated using polyester resin, hardener and glass fibre matting. The hand lay-up technique was applied to manually construct the Spray Park’s custom-made items layer by layer. A high-quality gel coating was first applied, to which several layers of glass fibre matting were subsequently bonded using polyester resin. This makes for a sturdy laminated shell.

The cured glass-fibre reinforced polyester is finished with a top coating. This serves as a protective layer, offering resistance to pool water. The coatings applied and the percentage of glass fibre in the glass fibre-reinforced polyester ultimately vouch for the quality level of the Spray Park’s custom-made items. During the final phase, the custom-made items were decorated using a pigmented polyester gelcoat (ISO quality) and a transparent polyester poly lacquer (NPG quality) was then applied.

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