Inflatables are high-quality inflatable play equipment for on the water. The play equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, such as a water trampoline, slides, climbing walls and obstacles. On these equipment, your guests can clamber, jump, balance, run and slide. Each device has different levels of difficulty, making it suitable for both children and adults. They offer not only fun and entertainment, but also a physical challenge and a great way to keep fit.

In cooperation with Union Aquaparks, Watergames & More is the supplier of these high-quality play elements on the water. Inflatables from Union Aquaparks are distinguished by their exceptional quality and their modular elements. This makes them easy to connect and interchange. Together, the separate play elements form a course for both out- and indoor water. They are also very suitable for indoor pools.

Inflatables from Union Aquaparks are distinguished by their exceptional quality and safety. The material of Union inflatables is a high-quality PVC fabric, TÜV certified. The UV protectors and mildew protection guarantee a long service life. The drop-stitch seams keep the elements in shape even under high pressure. As a result, Union’s inflatables stay pressurised longer than the average inflatable play elements on the market.

Thanks to the non-slip texture, users have a better grip. Clever safety features prevent the elements from opening on the water; so there is no risk of entrapment.

Union Aquaparks’ collection consists of more than 35 inflatables. Together, these elements form a variety of features and levels of difficulty. Easily expandable from one or a few elements to a large course. This course can be fully customised by changing the order of the elements. With inflatables, you give 30 to 250 people at a time an unforgettable time on the water.

Young and old alike have enormous fun trying out the inflatables. Due to their size and bright blue/white colours, the inflatables are very conspicuous. They immediately arouse curiosity and enthusiasm among your guests. People cannot suppress the urge to try it out once. In addition, you increase the fun and attraction value of your pool, without putting in much effort. Setting up or taking down an inflatable is easy.

Various documents, catalogues and brochures follow below, which contain information about our supply programme and Spray Parks. Are you looking for specific information that is not contained in the downloads? If so, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the contact page.

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