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An attractive outdoor space is important for a city. A city’s level of liveability determines both the quality that its residents experience and its attractiveness to visitors, which ultimately benefit its own economy and safety. Authorities play an essential role in making a city socially, economically and culturally attractive. A family-friendly municipality ideally offers safe and healthy playgrounds and meeting places, which contribute to children’s development. The creation of interactive playgrounds, which make the city pleasant and socially oriented, has therefore become a trend in our cities. Moreover, water play helps reduce heat stress and has a positive effect on human health, as it promotes physical activity.

The following municipalities preceded you in this regard
We constructed stunning water playgrounds in both Capelle aan den IJssel and Amsterdam’s Oosterpark. The Oosterpark site’s features include a custom-built playground that allows visitors to climb and slide safely. The playground is also equipped with coloured LED lighting and six interactive push buttons that operate various sprinkler systems.

At the three-country point, where the Dutch, Belgian and German borders intersect, Watergames & More installed a unique water play fountain that is linked to a computer program with random switching, so that its various spray programs are activated in irregular sequence. Visitors are therefore surprised time and time again by the fountains’ spontaneous activity.

Outdoor & Indoor
Indoor spaces can also be enhanced using water play. For example, town halls regularly opt to have a fountain or water feature installed either in their courtyard or at the entrance. This creates a certain atmosphere and sometimes lends a sense of allure. Furthermore, the construction of fountains and interactive playgrounds in shopping centres is a good means of both persuading people to extend their visit and prompting increased spending in catering establishments.

Find the right setup for your public space
There are actually many innovative and playful products available with which to give your public space a boost. This page contains details of all the projects we have executed for public spaces, which may also provide inspiration for your own site. Have you any questions, or do you require tailored advice? If so, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to offer you further assistance.

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