Welcome our family business Watergames & More

We are Watergames & More, a firm specialised in facilities for playing on, around, with and in water. We construct water attractions such as spray parks, waterslides & more and total water play experiences, in which we combine all kinds of (themed) water attractions. Attention and service are of paramount importance to us. If required, we can relieve you of any worries throughout each stage of the process, from design to realisation and maintenance.

Founded by Paul van den Berg in 2008, our family business endeavours to enable as many people as possible to enjoy water in a carefree, safe and playful manner. Based on the experience he had gained in the field of education and the playground equipment industry, Paul set out to develop water play concepts based on pedagogical, physical and social aspects.

As orders rapidly increased both in number and scope, his sons, Odmar and Karsten van den Berg, became more and more involved in the business. We have since established a team of experts with extensive knowledge and skills in various fields. Get acquainted with our team and our steady partners below

And we are still expanding! If you feel you could complement our team, please apply for one of our job vacancies.


Founder & Co-owner, Commercial Director & Account Manager Germany

Paul executes projects including spray parks in the Netherlands and abroad for all sorts of clients, ranging from recreational sites to municipalities. Sales & consultancy are what he enjoys doing most! Paul is good at getting people enthusiastic about the product. Given the vast diversity of clients he deals with, every design basically calls for tailor-made advice. Together with the client, he examines the best means of incorporating the possibilities and requirements in a feasible and unique design.


Managing Director, co-owner & Head of Implementation

Odmar is involved in our business strategy and development, he studies market developments and has (end) responsibility for managing our designers and project coordinators. Odmar is a connector, both in the relationship management with our partners and between our various departments (sales & marketing on the one hand, design & realisation on the other). In addition to his work, Odmar is also an experience expert: he has tried every water slide we build at least once!


CFO & Co-owner

Karsten's expertise lies very much behind the scenes. He performs all the financial, contractual and other administrative duties necessary to keep the company running. Thanks to his background in business economics, he is good at his job and enjoys taking responsibility for these meticulous tasks. Karsten studied economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Karsten considers it important that those duties that are generally a less evident part of the process of constructing our water attractions are nevertheless performed with due care and attention.


Senior Key Account Manager Netherlands & Belgium

Do you want to boost your attraction with for example a Spray Park, or do you want a new/replacing waterslide? Then Marc is your first point of contact. Doing business with Marc is fun! He is a flexible and enthusiastic discussion partner. His mission is to build good customer relations and make visions a reality. Marc translates the needs of the clients into executable designs and ensures that these match the products and services of Watergames & More. Contact him to discuss the possibilities! He is pleased to convert your wishes into a beautiful design.  


Senior Key Account Manager Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland

Within our team, Remco is responsible for the customers and clients in the German-speaking countries. Remco is quick to respond and always puts the interests of clients first. His drive, enthusiasm and honesty make Remco a professional partner for customers and clients. Remco likes to work together with clients and customers in order to carry out their assignments perfectly. If you would like to realise a beautiful new project together with Watergames & More in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria or Switzerland please contact him!


Head of Design

Kirsten graduated from Delft University of Technology in Industrial Design Engineering and Design for Interaction. During her career she has designed playground equipment and school furniture, among other things, and she bears ultimate responsibility for our team’s engineering of waterslides and steel structures, from concept to end product. Kirsten likes to design with both all the client’s wishes and the end-users’ pleasure clearly in mind. She pays close attention to achieving the right balance of excitement, safety, appearance and functional features.



Chieneke graduated in Industrial Product Design from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. As a creative person and water polo player, designing water attractions turned out to be the perfect job for her. Together with her colleague Kirsten, she is responsible for the complete design of projects. She interprets clients’ wishes into designs, and ensures that the working and steel construction drawings are ready for production. She likes to think along with you with a view to creating a product that is as appealing as possible, which makes people happy; both you and the end users!


Project Coordinator

Within our team, Stacy is together with Joeri responsible for project management from beginning to the end for all our projects. He ensures for his projects a smoothly running construction process already in the preparation of the built as well on-site with a turnkey delivery as the result for the client. He directs (external) assembly teams and work planners, with an eye for detail and a high level of quality. Stacy also speaks German, which is a great advantage for Watergames & More, because we have many German clients. Finally, Stacy always likes to test the delivered attractions!


Operational Technical Specialist

Michael is in charge of everything to do with service, maintenance & repairs. He is a solution-oriented, creative, all-round service technician. He provides technical support & execution (on site & from the office), carries out certain planning & purchasing tasks, he thinks along with you in the area of maintenance scheduling. Michael is particularly keen on variety: he enjoys creating and organising great things, and gets a kick out of testing our products! Given his technical knowledge & experience, he is of great added value to Watergames & More.



Hielke ensures that all sorts of projects progress smoothly. From water slides to spray parks, he checks that every last detail is adequately dealt with on the clients’ behalf. And he performs these duties with passion and dedication. He likes to think along with you and is solution-oriented. We don’t see a great deal of him in the office; his varied job involves quite a lot of travel. He gets to visit many pleasant places in the process, while also making the acquaintance of a broad range of people in a professional context. That is the best part of the job!


Project Coordinator

Joeri has extensive experience in managing (complex) projects. Within our team, Joeri is together with Stacy responsible for project management from beginning to the end for all our projects. He ensures for his projects a smoothly running construction process already in the preparation of the built as well on-site with a turnkey delivery as the result for the client. He directs (external) assembly teams and work planners, with an eye for detail and a high level of quality.  

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