De Krim holiday park

In the summer of 2017, the new swimming pool at De Krim holiday park was opened to great acclaim. Watergames & More was approached to supply four waterslides and a Spray Park for this marvellous new aquatic complex. The public responded highly enthusiastically to these spectacular attractions, which De Krim had installed in order to offer its guests high-quality amusement. Texel’s local inhabitants are also welcome to use this splendid pool.

This exceptional project took almost a year of hard work to complete. It is a good example of how different products can be combined to form one sensational water playground. The unique water attractions offer something for everyone, young and old alike. The Spray Park is suitable for younger children, while older children and adults can really let themselves go on the slides. Each waterslide is aimed at a different target group. So there’s always an exciting attraction for the varied audience that visits De Krim holiday park!

Four splendid waterslides
The four slides each have unique features that continually surprise visitors. The website Tuberides was given the opportunity to examine the Spray Park and try out all the slides prior to the official opening. Its report is available in German on the website.

The smallest waterslide is a Watergames & More WaveRider family slide. This 10-metre-long slide descends in the form of a wave and ends in the swimming pool. As the name suggests, it is highly suitable for the whole family.

Globetrotter (Wild River)
The second slide is the Watergames & More Globetrotter (Wild River) waterslide. While this slide starts indoors, it then continues all the way around the outside. Its current conveys the visitor around bends and through pools. After their wild water adventure, the visitors end up in a pool in the central building.

Voyager & Dazzler
The Watergames & More Voyager & Dazzler is a spectacular waterslide that you can ride on a raft. The slide has a tube diameter of 1400mm and comprises a cone element. It is some 63 metres long and starts at a height of almost 5.5 metres. A sensational slide ride awaits the visitor as soon as the traffic light turns green! The slide is also equipped with various light effects that lend it an extraordinary appearance. Visitors are tossed back and forth several times in the cone, before emerging through the hole into the catch unit, where the slide ends.

The fourth and final slide is a Watergames & More Challenger waterslide with a tube diameter of 1200. The fastest slide of all, the Challenger, is fully equipped with LED light effects, themed sound effects and the competitive touch game. Touch points are incorporated throughout the slide, which the visitor has to try and touch during the breath-taking ride. The scoreboard at the end of the waterslide indicates how many points they have accumulated. This challenging game continually encourages guests to try and improve their scores. Visitors can also read on the display how many seconds their slide ride took. This poses them a challenge to beat both their own best score and others’!

Covered Spray Park
De Krim’s youngest visitors to Vakantiepark can let their hair down in the indoor Spray Park. This dispels the presumption that Spray Parks can only be installed outdoors. The Spray Parks supplied by Waterplay are ideal for indoor sites. Measuring some 100m², De Krim’s Spray Park is fully themed with elements that are characteristic of the island of Texel. The Waterplay play elements installed there include a Discovery Stream, Surf Stones, Calypso, Crow’s Nest, Morning Grass and Ground Sprays with sound effects.

Spray Parks

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