We define a spray park as an interactive water playground, where the water is sprayed onto a level floor and therefore drains away directly. As a result, a spray park is extremely safe and there is no need to engage the services of a lifeguard. There is no risk of drowning.

In principle, any pool can be converted into a spray park. In most cases, the spray park can also be connected to the pool’s existing water treatment system. The operating costs of a spray park are many times lower than those of a pool.

A spray park be constructed in an aqua park or existing swimming pool using a pool platform. In that case, items from our range of water play equipment can also be installed (subsequently, if necessary), either on the deck or in the shallow sections of the pool.

Yes, a spray park is also highly suitable for indoor use. The indoor spray parks belonging to De Krim Holiday Park and De Drentse Koe Play & Ice Farm are prime examples of such applications.

The use of recycled rubber to surface a Spray Park is not recommended. As rubber is not chlorine-, acid- or UV-resistant, it is inclined to perish rapidly, thereby clogging the filtration system with rubber particles. None of these drawbacks are associated with PolySoft Aqua.

Yes, new slide sections might be fitted, provided the steel structure is of suitable quality. However, an on-site inspection would have to be performed to establish what sort of polyester sections would fit and whether the steel structure would require any modification.

Yes, provided there is a water supply, a water slide can be installed on a stand-alone structure. We always recommend the use of treated water, however, in the interest of maintaining ‘good practice’. If there is no pool present, we install a device known as a skim-out tray.

We employ a team of specialised fitters, who construct our waterslides with the utmost care. Their passion for the product vouches for the perfect installation of your water slide. If they need to do their work wearing kid gloves, then they do so.

Yes, it counteracts the growth of both mould and bacteria. Furthermore, the application of solid joints helps reduce maintenance on your waterslide, as the replacement of silicon sealant is no longer necessary. Solid joints can even extend the lifespan of your waterslide, as the elements are less susceptible to the forces acting upon them.

We can incorporate daylight and multimedia effects – which may comprise all sorts of LED lighting patterns, right up to a constellation and even sound effects – in all tube slides. However, you may also opt to install an interactive multimedia programme (comprising touch sensors, with which to create a competitive game element). Daylight effects and patterns also be incorporated in the polyester of family slides, space bowls and other types of waterslides.

Yes, our waterslides are fully compliant with Dutch legislation. Every single slide is meticulously engineered for the site in question, while due care is to install it entirely in accordance with the applicable standards. All our designs are invariably in accordance with the EN 1069 standard. Following installation on site, our slides are inspected and issued a certificate that confirms this.

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