Familienbad Vogelsang

In the spring of 2019, Watergames & More constructed several water attractions at Familienbad Vogelsang, namely an Adventurer waterslide and a Spray Park (including Splash Area and Discoverer waterslide). This contract was part of a major renovation of the site, in which Pellikaan Bouwbedrijf served as the main contractor.

Spray Park with Splash Area and Discoverer
The Spray Park was composed according to the client’s wishes. A combination of several zones was chosen with a view to catering to several target groups. One of the zones comprises solely tall water play equipment, such as the Daisy Mae Windy and Waterleaf, which enables the slightly older children to enjoy themselves. The other features a Misty Twisty (which sprays water when the puzzle is solved), a Funbrella (an umbrella made of water, under which small children can ‘hide’) and several ground sprays. This sort of low-level water equipment is quiet and accessible, encouraging young children to take the initial steps towards overcoming their fear of water.

About half of the Spray Park is a Splash Area; an area where water play equipment is installed in a paddling pool. This area is also equipped with a Discoverer (type 1.1) waterslide, finished in a blue & white arc design.

At the edge of the main pool is the Adventurer waterslide, intended for slightly older children. This is a type 2.1 waterslide (a curved waterslide up to 3 metres high, with a maximum gradient of 70%). The waterslide is made of high quality fibreglass-reinforced polyester and finished in a red RAL-colour.

Project activities
In addition to producing the design, we supplied the water play equipment and waterslides, and carried out assembly and the plumbing and electrical work. The structural work was carried out by third parties. We also cooperated closely with third parties in delivering the Spray Park’s floor finish.

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