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The tourism sector in the Netherlands has been stable for a number of years. A large part of the Dutch population holiday or spend weekends away in their own country. They stay at holiday parks, campsites, hotels or other types of accommodation. The Netherlands is also popular among holidaymakers from the neighbouring countries of Germany and Belgium. Leisure sites therefore have to make an effort to offer their guests a carefree stay.

As a result, the proprietors of establishments where guests generally spend at least one night often equip their site with various facilities. Their guests range from groups of friends to entire families, who all have to be taken into consideration. Watergames & More has a suitable water product for every target group. It can supply anything from a splendid ornamental fountain to an interactive water playground. Furthermore, the option of unique customisation assures you of a truly original water attraction.

There is such a vast range to choose from, that it can sometimes prove quite a task to find the ideal product. To make things easier for you, we therefore complied this page especially for the leisure industry. It enables you to get inspired by discovering at how other leisure businesses designed and equipped their own sites. By simply viewing the photos, videos, brochures and news items it contains, you can gain an impression of the possibilities available, and therefore conveniently select the (customised) product that best suits your leisure site. Start your search for the ideal solution straight away!

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