Swimming pool Reidener Schwämm

Having been awarded the tender, Watergames & More constructed a Spray Park for Reidener Schwämm, a public swimming pool in Luxembourg. Reidener Schwämm got inspiration for the tender from Les Thermes, for whom Watergames & More had previously constructed a stunning space-themed Spray Park.

Request for a timeless design
The Waterplay Solutions Corp. equipment installed at Les Thermes and the aquatic centre’s positive reference greatly appealed to Reidener Schwämm, which persuaded it to include Watergames & More in its call for tenders for a Spray Park. The client requested a timeless Spray Park design. Watergames & More responded to this request by incorporating a neutral surface with clean lines and classical elements in its design. The Spray Park that won Watergames & More the tender is shown below.

Smart working arrangements
A range of technical systems was already in place at the Reidener Schwämm pool. It was therefore jointly concluded that Watergames & More should connect the plumbing for the Spray Park to the existing systems in the client’s plant room. This also allowed the client’s preferred installer to retain both full insight into and control of the existing systems.

Local cooperation
Watergames & More does its utmost to cooperate closely with local parties, if the client so wishes. The client insisted the structural work for this project should be carried out by a local contractor. After all, the party in question is fully acquainted with the local circumstances and conditions for smart construction. Watergames & More therefore shared its extensive knowledge of erecting Spray Parks, such as construction details, while also supervising the building contractor. This form of remote collaboration and the availability of local knowledge ensured that construction of the Spray Park could proceed very smoothly.

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