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Welcome the family business known as Watergames & More. We specialise in facilities for playing on, around, with and in water.

We construct water attractions such as Spray Parks, waterslides & more and total water play experiences, in which we combine all kinds of (themed) water attractions. Attention and service are of paramount importance to us. If required, we can relieve you of any worries throughout each stage of the process, from design to realisation and maintenance.

What water play might imply to you
Are you keen to increase the attraction value of your recreational site or municipality, benefit from hot summers, broaden your target group and/or be able to influence visitor numbers all year round? Our accurate interpretation and inclusion of individual wishes in the design, high-quality products and skilled workforce ensure that any extension, replacement or new purchase is guaranteed to yield a successful attraction.

What we can do for you
We advise clients and relieve them of any burden throughout the process, from A to Z. We utilise high quality, durable products, which enable us to vouch for the appearance, the pleasure of use and the ease of maintenance of the water play equipment. From design & theming to construction & maintenance, and from a simple attraction to the creation of specific design visions, we are pleased to assist you in any circumstances whatsoever.

News & Insight
Given our knowledge and experience of both products and working methods, we are pleased to assist our clients and cooperation partners – including architects, consultancy firms and other stakeholders – in addressing all sorts of issues. Our water experts would be pleased to share their knowledge with you, ranging from the design options for swimming pools & recreation businesses to urban planning matters.

We previously served the following clients
Although it is great fun to choose a new slide, water playground or other attraction, where should you actually start? We are pleased to inspire you by providing details of some of the stunning water attractions and total concepts that we have completed since our foundation in 2008. Discover how other swimming pools, leisure parks and public spaces designed their water attractions.

A meeting place and interactive water playground in one.
Municipalities increasingly opt to construct safe and healthy playgrounds and meeting places, such as spray parks, with a view to improving urban liveability. Children can play freely there, while they also serve as a social meeting place for parents. A spray park is safe, particularly easy to maintain, has low water and power consumption and does not require a complex water treatment system. It is highly sustainable furthermore, as it helps reduce heat stress, while almost all the water is collected and reused.

Spray Parks
Swimming pool Reidener Schwämm Redange-sur-Attert, Luxembourg
& more
Museumpark Historyland Hellevoetsluis
Spray Parks
Baxmannbad Hessisch Oldendorf, Germany
Spray Parks
Eis Greissler Krumbach, Austria
18 Jun 2024 - Projects
Reading time: 1,5 minutes Of interest to: Watergames, Leisure accommodation, Day recreation and Swimming pool Inflatables have an undeniable appeal to young and old alike. Its vibrant blue and white livery and striking dimensions r...

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