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The day recreation industry is also benefitting from the economic upturn. Both domestic and foreign consumers have more and more to spend, and therefore increasingly opt to have a day out. Furthermore, there is no lack of amusement and theme parks, escape rooms, museums, go karting tracks, trampoline parks and zoos to choose from. The key question is: How can you distinguish your particular day recreation business from the rest?

Depending on your target group, there are numerous water attractions that offer a solution in attracting increased custom. How about a themed water playground for children that is so safe that no supervisors are necessary? Or perhaps an impressive waterslide with sound and light effects, speedometer, touch points, photo system and water curtain? By installing a testing Challenge Track, you can cater to the needs of little and large adventurers alike. You can make this obstacle course more difficult or easier, according to on the age and stamina of your audience. Something for everyone!

Are you still unsure yet which product might best suit your guests? Simply browse through the projects we have completed for other organisations in the day recreation industry, and acquire inspiration for your own site in the process. Our application of customisation and theming mean you are always assured of a unique design. Check out the possibilities straight away!

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Spray Parks
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