Indoor Spielplatz Springolino

In the spring of 2020, Watergames & More constructed an outdoor Spray Park for Indoor-Spielplatz Springolino. The completed Spray Park enables Springolino to offer its visitors additional opportunities to cool off on hot days.

More visitors on hot days
Springolino is an adventure playground for young and old alike. The playground previously comprised mainly indoor attractions, including trampolines, a Formula 1 track and a merry-go-round. As summers become hotter and hotter, however, the latest market trend is that increasing numbers of visitors seek opportunities to cool down, leading to a marked decline in indoor playground attendance on hot days. Water attractions enable one to respond to such climatic developments.

Spielplatz Springolino also opted to develop an outdoor Spray Park (water playground) to respond to these developments. This implies that Springolino can now offer its visitors additional opportunities to cool off, and it therefore hopes the new Spray Park will help it attract larger crowds on hot days, too.

Watergames & More carried out both the construction and installation work involved in completion of the outdoor Spray Park for Spielplatz Springolino. In the process, Watergames & More relieved Springolino of all its worries and carried out turnkey delivery of the Spray Park. Turnkey delivery implies that Watergames & More takes the project completely off the client’s hands and supplies the water attraction ready for use. The major advantages of turnkey delivery for Springolino were that it had a single point of contact throughout the entire project, while it had no need whatsoever to worry about the matter of its coordination.

When it comes to creating a Spray Park, we cooperate closely with our partner, Waterplay Solutions Corp., in offering clients a choice of numerous themes. One of the options available is the Nature Collection, which Springolino ultimately favoured. The Nature Collection is characterised by natural elements, such as spraying flowers, leaves and stones. The Spray Park features several interactive elements, including Splash Blasters and a Puddle. Splash Blasters are water cannons which children use to soak one another. The Puddle is an element that children can bounce on. The harder they jump, the higher the water jets from the Puddle become.


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