Unique Spray Park in H2O Herford Sports & Water Park, Germany

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Watergames & More refurbished H2O Herford Sports & Water Park’s toddler pool, while simultaneously developing a new water attraction: half of the toddler pool was converted into a Spray Park in the process. The municipality of Herford is located halfway between Münster and Hanover, in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The new Spray Park has both expanded and enhanced the attraction value of the park’s existing jungle island for children, known as Tabokiri.

Measuring around 75m², the Spray Park comprises equipment supplied by our partner, Waterplay Solutions Corp.. To ensure that it blends in with the jungle theme of ‘Tabokiri’, the Spray Park has been equipped with water play equipment including grass blades, butterflies, a river, flowers and animals. These are further supplemented by decorative objects, such as trees and rocks. The floor is finished in a beige sand colour to match the theme.

Watergames & More was involved in the entire process from A to Z; from the customised design, to execution of all the construction work and installation of the water supply system. With a view to unburdening the client as fully as possible, we also coordinated all matters involved completion of the project.

Adapting the scheduling is a good practical example of the means by which we unburdened the client. Due to the Corona measures implemented, H2O Herford was forced to close down for some time. The client therefore asked us to start work in the meantime, so that its swimming pool would not have to be closed again later in the year, while it was being refurbished.

Below, you can see how the floor was prepared to enable construction of the Spray Park.

Theming and mascot
The exceptional aspect of this project is that Watergames & More transformed the toddler pool at H2O Herford into an interactive water playground known as a splash area. The design and layout of such a pool can be fully adapted to your requirements in this regard. Literally any toddler pool can therefore be turned into a spectacular attraction, which tempts the target group(s) you are keen to appeal to.

Furthermore, the Spray Park is fully themed. Its design comprises various characters from H2O Herford’s Tabokiri story, including Koko the parrot and Freddy the monkey. In fact, another of the characters, Splash, features prominently in the design. One of the interactive water play elements was customised to resemble Splash.

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