Drievliet family park

Drievliet family park in The Hague has added a Spray Park to its range of attractions. This interactive water playground includes a 647m² overspray zone and is divided into three zones, which allow different age groups to play side by side.

Project activities
Watergames & More carried out turnkey delivery of the Spray Park for Drievliet. We executed the entire project from A to Z. We bore responsibility for the design, project coordination, the plumbing systems and delivery. In doing so, we were able to relieve the client, Drievliet, of any burden whatsoever throughout the project.

Attraction value
In hot summers, visitors to the park can cool down in the Spray Park. This implies that the park’s turnover does not suffer during long hot summers, when the Dutch prefer to cool off in the water rather than visiting an amusement park Drievliet now offers its visitors the best of both worlds. The Spray Park nevertheless retains considerable attraction value, even on less hot days. Children simply love to play outdoors with water, from temperatures as low as 15 degrees Celsius. The client readily admits that the Spray Park is a welcome addition to Drievliet’s range of attractions.

Age zones
The Spray Park in Drievliet family park is divided into three separate zones. Each zone is suitable for children of different ages, and comprises various items of equipment. For the youngest ones, there are a Funbrella and Surf Stones. The second zone encourages slightly older children to play with the Tappin Tunes (water piano), various Ground Sprays and Sneaky Soakers. And the final zone attracts the eldest children to have fun with the large Mega Soaker, among other things. The carefully consider positioning of the equipment creates natural segregations between the zones, enabling the different age groups to play alongside each other.

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