De Berenkuil

De Berenkuil Estate in Grolloo, Drenthe, has been offering its visitors added attraction value since the spring of 2019. Watergames & More constructed an interactive water playground for children of all ages at the estate’s campsite. The Spray Park blends seamlessly with the landscape in the province of Drenthe.

Project activities
Watergames & More carried out turnkey delivery of this Spray Park. This implies that we completely relieved de Berenkuil of any worries by taking the entire process off their hands. We bore responsibility for the design, supply and installation of the Spray Park including all related facilities, such as the plumbing systems and structural work.

Target group
De Berenkuil Estate was keen to appeal to a broader target group by adding water attractions for children of all ages to its existing swimming pool. The Spray Park’s equipment is tailored to the playing needs of each age bracket in the target group. It is both safe and suitably quiet for young children, while also offering older children sufficient action and challenges. The diversity of the water play equipment ensures that children of all ages are actively engaged.

Foto: Landgoed de Berenkuil

Watergames & More developed a unique design that blends seamlessly with both the corporate identity of the family campsite and the surrounding landscape. De Berenkuil Estate chose both the colour scheme and equipment to be applied in the playground. All elements in the 180m² Spray Park reflect features of the province of Drenthe. For instance, the substrate reflects its dunelands, the Discovery Stream its rivers and brooks and the boulders its dolmens. Given that interaction with water is an important spearhead in the design, the water features are turned on and off according to an entirely random sequence, thus surprising the young playmates time and time again.

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