Spray Park with three zones for Drievliet family amusement park

Familiepark Drievliet in The Hague (The Netherlands) is to add a new feature to its facilities this summer, thereby increasing its attraction value. Watergames & More has been commissioned to construct an interactive water playground with a surface area of over 390m² for the amusement park. The Spray Park will comprise three zones, allowing children of all ages to play with the water.

Fun with water for children of all ages
The Spray Park designed for Familiepark Drievliet will be divided into three separate zones. Each zone will be suitable for children of different ages and will comprise various Waterplay devices. For the youngest ones, there are a Funbrella and Surf Stones. The second zone will coax slightly older children to play with the Tappin Tunes (water piano), various Ground Sprays and Sneaky Soakers. And the final zone will attract the eldest children to have fun with the large Mega Soaker, among other things. The different zones will allow children of all ages to play with the most versatile toy imaginable: water.

Healthy and safe playing environment
The various items of equipment in the Spray Park capture children’s curiosity about water and encourage them to exercise at length. A Spray Park is therefore a healthy playing environment. In addition, the kids can play in a carefree manner. As the water flows directly into the existing drains, no stagnant water is left standing in the Spray Park. This also ensures that there is no danger of drowning. Furthermore, a Spray Park is equipped with slip-resistant flooring, to avoid inadvertent slipping. The water play equipment has no sharp edges and can also withstand pretty rough treatment.

Spray Park Drievliet

Sustainable choice
A Spray Park is also a favourable option for the environment. The units automatically switch themselves off if there are no children in the park. This helps minimise the water and power consumption. Moreover, no complex water treatment units and fewer chemicals are required to maintain the necessary water quality, while almost all the water is collected and reused. As soon as the kids arrive, the units are automatically turned on again. The powder coating on the equipment is designed to withstand the elements and is resistant to extreme climate temperatures, humidity and UV radiation.

Spray Park Drievliet

Worry-free project, from A to Z.
Watergames & More has been commissioned to carry out the turn-key delivery of the Spray Park for Familiepark Drievliet. We will execute the entire project. We are responsible for the design, project coordination, the water-side systems and the delivery. We can therefore assure Drievliet of a worry-free project, from A to Z. The 3D visualisations provide an accurate impression of what the Spray Park will look like. Construction of the interactive Spray Park has already commenced, and the water playground is expected to be completed before the summer.

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