Berkenhof Tropical Zoo

Watergames & More constructed a Spray Park as part of a large-scale refurbishment of the grounds of Berkenhof Tropical Zoo. This enables the tropical garden to offer its visitors a diverse range of pastimes, regardless of the weather conditions. The Tropical Zoo has built a terrace next to the Spray Park, so that children and parents alike can optimally enjoy the outdoor space.

Project activities
Watergames & More was involved in the process from the very outset. Close consultation took place during the design and permit application phases, with a view to ensuring that the plan was actually implemented. During the design phase, we even produced an artist’s impression of the Spray Park’s surroundings to press home the permit application.

During construction of the Spray Park we carried out activities ranging from installation of the basement plant room and entire plumbing system, including buffer tank and filter system, the construction and finishing of the Spray Park floor, the paving of the overspray zone, installation and assembly of the equipment and fine tuning of the entire Spray Park.

Spray Park spray program
The Spray Park sprays water according to a pre-programmed cycle. A 3 to 4 minute programme ensures that the sprays are activated in a particular sequence. Approximately 70% of the sprays operate simultaneously. While we advise on a suitable programme, the client also has the option of compile one of their own. As the Spray Park’s equipment operates alternately, it encourages children to move around the water playground, proceeding from one spray to another.

The 390m² Spray Park comprises water play equipment from the Grasslands collection supplied by Waterplay Solutions Corp.. Grasslands’ organic shapes, colourful equipment and nature theme blend seamlessly with both the ambiance and the inhabitants of the tropical garden. During the sketch phase, our account manager advised the client with regard to theming. As the zoning plan specified a tropical zoo, we created a design comprising natural features to match it. The client ultimately opted for equipment including a Ladybug Soaker (a large tipping bucket in the shape of a ladybird), a Flutter and Sparx (water sprays featuring a butterfly and a dragonfly), as well as various rock and flower sprays, such as the Corn Poppy (a red poppy) and an Aneth Bloom (yellow flowering dill).

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