More exercise by playing with water

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Given that the number of hours that children spend playing has dramatically declined over the past 30 years, overweight among children is on the increase, while their motor skills are diminishing. A nationwide campaign has therefore been launched in the Netherlands to devise additional innovative means of persuading children to get more exercise, preferably outdoors in public areas. A Spray Park is the ideal solution in this regard; a water playground with interactive water sprayers and fountains, which invites children (and their parents) to take outdoor exercise at length and more frequently.

spelen met water

Catering to children’s natural fascination
Children are much more sensory and therefore have different needs to adults. It is important to them that they are able to feel, see and exert an influence on their (playing) environment. Playing with water fulfils this need, while children are also naturally attracted to water. Splashing, moving water around and diverting flows: these are all important discoveries and interesting opportunities to play. A Spray Park makes a positive contribution to children’s health, social contacts and development of (motor) skills, regardless of their age, level of development and any physical or mental limitations they may have. This video, shot by one of our partners, shows how children’s motor skills are stimulated and how playing with water encourages them to take exercise.

Source video: RecTecIndustries.

Healthy & Safe
A Spray Park serves as a playspace that is safe and healthy, for both the children themselves and the environment in general.

Moreover, a Spray Park invites both older and younger children to play, either individually or in groups, while also providing a social meeting place for parents. However, there are also signs that parents are increasingly tempted to actively participate in the exercise it provides.

The water from the sprinklers is sprayed onto a level floor and therefore drains away directly. As no water is left standing, there is also no danger of drowning, even to the very youngest children. Furthermore, it relieves the municipality of the obligation to organise supervision. In addition, the surface of the park provides sufficient slip resistance to prevent anyone from slipping unexpectedly. As the water play equipment is finished in a durable and seamless manner, it has no sharp edges and can also withstand pretty rough treatment.

A Spray Park is also a favourable option for the environment. The equipment turns itself off when no children are playing. This helps minimise the water and power consumption. Whenever kids do arrive, the units are automatically turned on again. The Spray Park design is based on an ecoactivator. This implies that it does not require an electrical connection in order to operate. Nor does a complex water treatment system need to be installed, as the spray park’s water quality is already equivalent to that of drinking water.

spelen met water

The design Spray Parks is optimised for the public space in which it is to be installed, both in terms of footprint and finishing. The pipes are manufactured using stainless steel, then sealed with a view to increasing both sustainability and manageability, which are important points for attention in the public space. All of the spray park’s equipment is also made of high quality stainless steel. The powder coating that we apply protects the elements from corrosion, the effects of frequent use and UV radiation. Furthermore, the absence of any sharp edges makes the elements particularly safe. All of which renders the equipment highly suitable for public spaces.

Sound quality means less maintenance, lower costs and less time spent in the long term. We can vouch for a high quality and safe product, as onze partner, Waterplay Solutions Corp. applies the ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:4002 certification standards for all water quality and environmental management systems.

We also endeavour to offer you the utmost in terms of service. We would be pleased to manage the entire process for you from A to Z, thereby assuring you of the worry-free construction of your own public playground and discovery site.

spelen met water

The solution for exercise in the public space
This Spray Park is highly suitable for use in any family-friendly municipality that wishes to provide safe and healthy playgrounds and meeting places, which also contribute to children’s development. In addition, it helps reduce heat stress, while contributing to both a superior quality experience and improved health. It therefore yields an attractive improvement of public space, while also serving as an effective new solution in the campaign to encourage the target group to take more exercise in a pleasant & responsible manner. Would you like to learn more about the possibilities available? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can stay informed about the latest developments at Watergames & More by following us on LinkedIn, or subscribing to our newsletter.

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