Historyland Museum/Theme Park

In the summer of 2019, Watergames & More supplied a spray park to Historyland Museum. Since completion of the work, the museum’s visitors can enjoy the interactive water playground, whose centrepiece is a water-spraying dinosaur.

Project activities

We composed a spray park for Stichting Historyland (the foundation that manages the museum) which comprises water play equipment from Waterplay Solutions Corp’s Wildwood Nature collection.  In terms of elements and colours, this equipment amply matches the museum’s site. The design combines a number of standard elements from this collection with tailor-made ones: Minor modifications were made to transform the standard ‘Ogopogo’ element into a dinosaur, so that it blends seamlessly with the Historyland theme.

Watergames & More devised the design, supplied the equipment, performed the construction work and carried out the overall project coordination. The spray park was delivered to the client in the form of a turnkey project.

Attraction value
Stichting Historyland was looking for a suitable way to attract visitors, even during the long, hot summers. By offering its target group a means of cooling off, the museum has succeeded in significantly increasing the number of days per year suitable for a visit. The foundation now offers visitors greater attraction value, while it is less dependent on weather conditions when it comes to attracting adequate visitor numbers. Furthermore, it admits that the decision to construct a spray park ultimately made countless children very happy.

Spray Park Themapark Historyland

Photo: Stichting Historyland

Watch the video below to gain a suitable impression of the water park’s attraction value.

Convenient operation
The client was interested in a water attraction, rather than a swimming pool. A spray park proved to be the ideal alternative. It was important that the attraction should require little effort in the way of operation and maintenance. A spray park is a particularly low-maintenance facility. Furthermore, its low water and power consumption imply that the start-up, operating and maintenance costs are surprisingly low. We also assured this client of optimum ease of maintenance, by offering it a maintenance service whereby our service engineers perform duties that include preparing the spray park for the winter and summer seasons.

Spray Park Themapark Historyland

Photo: Stichting Historyland

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