Opening of the new swimming facilities Holiday Park De Krim with spectacular waterslides and Spray Park

The new swimming pool at Holiday park De Krim was opened amid great interest, at the beginning of July. The splendid facilities contain four Watergames & More water slides and a Spray Park. The visitors have reacted extremely enthusiastic to these spectacular attractions, with which Holiday park De Krim offers their guests superb entertainment. The Texel locals can also use the beautiful pool.

It took nearly a year of hard work to complete this remarkable project. It is a fine example of how various products come together into one sensational water playground. The unique water attractions offer something for everyone, for young and old. The Spray Park is suitable for younger children and the older children and adults can fully engage in the waterslides. Each waterslide is aimed at a different target group. This provides a captivating attraction for the wide variety of people that visit Holiday park De Krim!

Indoor Spray Park
The youngest Holiday park De Krim visitors will have the time of their lives in the indoor Spray Park. This also refutes the assumption that Spray Parks can only be placed outdoors. Waterplay’s Spray Parks are ideal for indoor locations. The Spray Park at Holiday park De Krim is 100m2 in size and is completely in a theme which is characteristic for Texel. The Waterplay play elements that can be found in the Spray Park are a Discovery Stream, Surf Stones, Calypso, Crow’s Nest, Morning Grass and Ground Sprays met sound effects.

Four spectacular waterslides
The four waterslides each have unique features that surprise guests over and over again. The Tuberides website was given the opportunity to look around the Spray Park and test all the waterslides before the grand opening. Their report –in German- can be read on their website:

The smallest waterslide is the  Waverider family slide. This slide – 10  meters in length-  slides down in waves and flows into the swimming pool. As the name  implies, this slide is extremely suitable for the whole family.

Globetrotter (Wild River)
The second waterslide is the Globetrotter (Wild River). This slide begins indoors but continues completely externally. The current leads the guest through curves and basins. The guests eventually return to a pool in the central building after their wild water adventure.

Voyager & Dazzler
The Voyager & Dazzler is a spectacular waterslide from which you slide using a tire. The tube slide –with a diameter of 1400- contains a cone-element. The slide is over 63 meters in length and begins at a height of approx. 5,5 meters. The guest awaits a sensational slide as soon as the traffic light goes to green! The slide is equipped with lighting effects that provide the waterslide with a remarkable appearance. The guest is tossed around the cone a few times before being lead through the hole to the catch  unit where the slide ends.

Last but not least, the fourth and final slide is the Challenger waterslide with a tube diameter of 1200. The Challenger is the fastest slide of all and is equipped with LED lighting effects, thematic sound effects and a competitive touch game. Multiple touch points have been placed throughout the slide which the guest must attempt to touch during the speedy ride. At the end of the ride their time is displayed on the scoreboard. A challenging game that keeps motivating the guests to improve their scores! The display also shows the guests in how many seconds they slid through the waterslide, challenging themselves and others to make the highest scores!

We wish Holiday park De Krim in Texel and their guest many happy years. These new attractions will no doubt ensure success! Would you like more information about these wonderful water play attractions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us or read more about Spray Parks or the waterslides on our website.

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