Work commences on spray park at Erlebnisbad Wonnemar in Germany

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Watergames & More has commenced work on the construction of a brand new spray park at Erlebnisbad Wonnemar in the city of Ingolstadt, Germany. The spray park is part of a major renovation and extension of the entire swimming pool, designed to enable it to offer visitors a higher attraction value. Commissioned by Oberbayerische Bäder- und Freizeitanlagen (the body responsible for public swimming pools and other amenities throughout Bavaria), Watergames & More is currently in the process of constructing this spray park.


Fun for young and old alike
We are to install various items of equipment supplied by Waterplay Solutions Corp. at the spray park. These include a Discovery Stream for the younger children. A Discovery Stream is a dynamic stream, brimming with exciting challenges that can influence the course of the water, such as cogs, plants and fish. The stream caters to children’s fascination with brooks and becks, ensuring that they are surprised time and time again. For the older children, Watergames & More is to install equipment including Sneaky Soakers, Splash Blasters and a Fun-Brella.

The spray park will also comprise an Activity Tower. This modular slide and play structure is being constructed in accordance with the client’s wishes. Each side of the Activity Tower will feature a different range of play equipment on. The Activity Tower’s unique combination of contemporary design and high quality enables it to offer optimum play value within a restricted space.

Er wordt ook een Activity Tower geplaatst in het Spray Park. Deze modulair opgebouwde glijbaan- en speelstructuur is naar wens van de opdrachtgever samengesteld. Op elke zijde van de Activity Tower is een ander speeltoestel gekozen. De Activity Tower zorgt voor een hoge speelwaarde op een klein oppervlak en combineert een eigentijds design met een hoge kwaliteit.


Carefree play
The new spay park will ultimately allow children of all ages to play carefree. As no water is left standing, there is also no danger of drowning. In addition, the surface of the park provides sufficient slip resistance to prevent anyone from slipping unexpectedly. The equipment supplied by Waterplay Solutions Corp. is finished in a durable and seamless manner, and is therefore devoid of sharp edges.

Sustainable play
An interactive water playground is a sustainable choice. A spray park consumes low levels of water and power, which is good for the environment. The equipment turns itself off when no children are playing, and swiftly re-engages whenever kids come along again. The water in the spray park is also collected and reused. It does not require a complex water treatment system therefore. Furthermore, it uses lower quantities of chemicals to maintain the required level of water quality.


Turnkey delivery
Watergames & More will ultimately carry out turnkey delivery of the spray park at Wonnemar. We have taken the entire project off the client’s hands, extending from development up to and including the handover of the park. We also bear responsibility for the performance of structural work and installation of the water systems. Work on the spray park is currently in full swing. We expect to complete it by the close of 2019.

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