Work on custom-made water attraction at monte mare Kreuzau in full swing

Watergames & More is fully engaged in creating the custom-made water attraction at the monte mare Kreuzau swimming pool in the German district of Düren. Work on the sunken pirate ship, the water slides and the Spray Park is in full swing. We remain involved in this extensive project from start to finish. The latest expectations are that our work will be completed in November 2019.

The fully themed water attraction will provide a unique playground for visitors to the recreational pool. The sunken pirate ship is the most prominent feature of the design: allowing bathers to swim beneath it, while offering children numerous water play options both in and around the play area. We are to install two suspension bridges, allowing visitors to cross from one side to the other. Two slides are also to be connected to the pirate ship.

Themed environment
The theme will be further expanded around the sunken pirate ship. Watergames & More is to install various custom-made decorative items, including a pirate cannon that can spray water and elements that are in keeping with a beach scene. The sheer dimensions of the play area and its unique design imply that it immediately catches the eye. The sunken pirate ship is steadily taking shape. It is a spectacular addition to the monte mare Kreuzau swimming pool, which will undoubtedly boost its attraction value.

The pool is also to be equipped with a Spray Park, featuring elements including Surf Stones, Poly Palms and Turtle Sprays to blend in with the pirate theme. The interactive water playground comprising equipment supplied by Waterplay Solutions Corp. is a safe playing environment. The absence of standing water in the spray park implies that children can play carefree, as there is no risk of drowning. You can learn more about Spray Parks by clicking here.

Involved from start to finish
Watergames & More remains involved throughout the project. We took the burden off the hands of monte mare swimming pool Kreuzau, commencing from the brainstorming session and initial design. And we shall continue to do so during the development of the attraction, up to and including completion. We expect to have completed our work by November. We will ultimately carry out turnkey delivery of the pirate ship including slides, the Spray Park and the decorative features. The 3D impression video reveals the ultimate appearance of the water attraction at monte mare swimming pool Kreuzau:

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