Sultry summers on the campsite

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Increasing numbers of campsites and recreation areas opt to add water games to their facilities. This enables them to increase the amenity value, broaden their target group and also gain greater control of visitor numbers outside the peak season.

With a view to both allowing visitors to stay longer and living up to their expectations, more and more campsites, holiday parks and other recreational areas are opting to add water games to their facilities. A large proportion of tourists now view water games as a precondition for a stay, whereas it was simply considered a ‘bonus’ in the past. A campsite or bungalow park can no longer do without water games – as both an attraction and a means of cooling off – if it wants to be taken into consideration by the target group. As summers become increasingly hot, there is growing demand for a place to cool off. When the temperatures soar, people flock to the water in their droves. By offering visitors a watery environment in which to cool off, entrepreneurs in the leisure industry can be sure of cashing in on this phenomenon. A swimming pool can nevertheless prove a quite substantial cost item. Spray parks, on the other hand, are both a highly suitable solution and a favourable investment when it comes to adding water games to recreational activities.

Waterspel op campings

Campsite Julianahoeve, Renesse (NL)

Spray parks are water playgrounds with interactive water sprayers and fountains, with which children of all ages can play either individually or in groups. Combinations of water jets, sound, cause-effect relationships and elements that can rotate 360° render children’s water play highly interactive.

Amenity value
The amenity value of a water playground is entirely different to that of a swimming pool; it offers more play value than simply ‘a tubful of water’. Splashing, moving water around and diverting flows: these are all important discoveries and interesting opportunities to play. Children are highly sensory beings: It is important to them that they are able to feel, see and exert an influence on their (playing) environment. The equipment that spray parks contain fulfils this need. In fact, it is actually tailored to the playing needs of the age bracket that comprises the target group. They are safe and suitably quiet for young children, while also offering older children sufficient action and challenges. The diversity of the water play equipment ensures that children of all ages are actively engaged. The play areas of a spray park can be set up for age groups of 0-4 years, 5-8 years and 9-12 years. And it goes without saying that older children and parents/grandparents can also enjoy the spray park.

Furthermore a spray park attracts children like a magnet, come rain or shine. Even when the weather is less sunny, the experience of a spray park still attracts visitors, while it also serves as a place to cool off during hot summers.

Waterspel op campings

Landgoed de Berenkuil, Grolloo | Photographic source: Landgoed De Berenkuil

In addition to the fact that water play has become a precondition for a stay, sustainability is an increasingly important factor in the choice of accommodation. Campsites and holiday parks that make positive choices for both current guests and for the next generation can therefore gain a competitive edge in the market. When weighing up the pros and cons of a spray park as opposed to a swimming pool, the former offers a number of advantages in terms of sustainability. The equipment’s nozzles are specifically designed to consume less water than traditional models, while providing the same spray pattern and amenity value. In addition, the equipment turns itself off when no children are playing, which saves both water and power. Moreover, almost all the water from the spray park is collected, filtered and reused, which keeps the consumption surprisingly low.

And last but not least, spray parks are also highly futureproof, as the equipment can be switched around or extended relatively easily, which renders the implementation of innovations for the seasons ahead more convenient than for a swimming pool, for example.

Waterspel op campings

Molecaten Park Bosbad Hoeven, Hoeven (NL)

Children of all ages can play carefree in a spray park. The water is sprayed onto a level floor and is therefore discharged directly into the drains fitted. The ensuing absence of standing water in the spray park implies that there is no risk of drowning. As a result, there is no need to engage a lifeguard. In addition, the surface provides sufficient slip resistance to prevent anyone from slipping unexpectedly.

Favourable costs & maintenance
The fact that no lifeguard need be engaged makes for savings on labour costs, among other things. The spray park also offers other financial benefits. The water park requires very little maintenance, has low water and power consumption and does not need a complex water treatment system to vouch for suitable water quality.

Spray parks are designed with a view to achieving the best possible life cycle/cost ratio (including operating costs). For instance, the equipment is powder coated to ensure that they remain operable (and retain their original colour) for numerous years, while the sustainable water flow also ensures that operating costs remain low.

Waterspel op campings

De Boomgaard campsite, Westkapelle (NL)

Unique design
No two holiday parks are the same. Theming and the choice of colours can be used to ensure that the spray park’s equipment and surroundings blend seamlessly with the unique characteristics of the campsite and its environs. Given the choice of over 150 items of equipment; various nozzles; themes including Grasslands, Shoreline and Nautical; unique graphics and numerous colours, the possibilities are basically endless. Interested in learning about the possibilities available? If so, then contact for tailor-made advice.

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