Spray park: sustainable investment for 2023

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Before the start of the summer holidays 2022, Watergames & More constructed various Spray Parks both in the Netherlands and further afield, for clients including Molenwaard Holiday Park (NL), Tarzan & Jane (BE) and Särkänniemi Adventure Park (FI). And it’s a good thing we did! This past hot summer prompted a hordes of people to seek out a cool spot. Our interactive water playgrounds therefore proved highly popular among the young and old alike. The diversity of their equipment helped prolong the length of time guests stayed, which also boosted hospitality spending. Amusement and holiday parks with Spray Parks saw their visitor numbers increase this summer.

Does the idea of delighting your visitors with a safe and sustainably constructed water playground in the summer of 2023 also appeal to you? If so, Watergames & More can assist you in achieving it! Contact us before the close of this year, so that we can construct a Spray Park that complies fully with your requirements in time. We will not only think along with you, but also relieve you of all your worries regarding design, construction, installation and maintenance. With the sole objective supplying you with a Spray Park that is complete before the warm weather arrives in 2023!

A Spray Park is an interactive water playground comprising water sprays and fountains, suitable for the young and old alike. We cooperate closely with our partner Waterplay® in creating Spray Parks This quality brand advises and monitors us in the field of safety throughout the process. Our partner has also designed numerous interactive elements on the basis of intensive research into children’s learning behaviour. The variety of spray patterns produced ensures that children remain both active and captivated. With a choice of more than 150 elements, the possibilities are basically endless. By opting for a selection of nozzles (interchangeable sprays) and a varied spray programme, one can set up the spray pattern in a versatile manner.

While Spray Parks are both modular and fully customisable, they can also be composed on the basis of a theme. The equipment is available in several themes and can be further customised with unique graphics and various colour schemes. The particular equipment you should opt for depends on your target group. Each age group has different needs. For instance, you might best select water cannons and tipping buckets for older children. Tranquil and small-scale equipment is more suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers on the other hand. Furthermore, the equipment can be used to create different play zones within a Spray Park, such as one zone for toddlers and another for older children. Such a combination of play zones renders a Spray Park wheelchair-friendly and suitable for different target groups.

A Spray Park is an exceptionally low-maintenance attraction. Its water & power consumption are both low. The water, which is issued by the sprays onto the smooth floor, is basically drained immediately. As a result, no extensive water treatment system is required. Because the water is drained directly, the attraction is also extremely safe and there is no risk of drowning. It is sustainable, too, as almost all the water is collected and reused.

The start-up, operating and maintenance costs are surprisingly low, particularly when compared to those of a swimming pool. The water play equipment can be installed in either a new site or an existing area. Perhaps on the pool edge or in a pool itself. This creates what is known as a splash area. The modular construction of a Spray Park makes for convenient extension in the future, offering you the opportunity to surprise your guests every season with a new water play feature.

Are you curious to learn what we could do for your recreation site? In that case, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities. Want to stay informed about our developments? If so, then follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter.

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