Spray Park at Tarzan & Jane completed

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At Tarzan & Jane (BE) they ushered in the summer holidays with the arrival of a new Spray Park! It features various pieces of Waterplay® equipment, which were installed by Watergames & More. Everyone evidently enjoys the aquatic fun that this Spray Park offers. Don’t forget your bathers and towel though, because it’s hard to stay dry!

The Spray Park occupies an area of some 190m² and comprises standard Waterplay® equipment. The equipment creates a natural and playful impression that aptly matches the look and feel of Tarzan & Jane. A Spray Park can basically be built in any shape and dimensions. Once we have considered both the surroundings and the client’s requirements, a design sketch is produced. As soon as the sketch has been approved, we can set to work!

Draft Spray Park for Tarzan & Jane

Concept Spray Park van Tarzan & Jane

Watergames & More unburdened Tarzan & Jane completely by carrying out turnkey delivery of the project. This implies that we executed the entire Spray Park implementation process from A to Z.

Watergames & More ensures that absolutely nothing is forgotten. We collaborate with contractors who possess the expertise required to ensure that construction of the Spray Park remains firmly on track. The result is a colourful Spray Park where literally everyone is eager to play.

Completion Spray Park for Tarzan & Jane

Tarzan & Jane is all about entertainment and pleasure. At this Spray Park, fun is guaranteed! Given that it is basically designed to stimulate the senses, it puts a smile on everyone’s face. After all, Watergames & More comprehends better than anyone just how important this is for children. They need to be able to feel, see and exert an influence on their (playing) environment.

A spray park is suitable for basically anyone. The fact that it has a smooth floor makes it ideal for children with disabilities, including those who are wheelchair bound.

A Spray Park offers a great deal of convenience. Besides increasing the attraction value, it requires little maintenance into the bargain. Moreover, it has low water and power consumption and does not require an entire water treatment system. After all, the water issued by the sprays onto the smooth floor is basically drained immediately. It is sustainable, too, as almost all the water is collected and reused.

Are you also keen to increase the attraction value of your site with the aid of a sustainable Spray Park? If so, do not hesitate to contact us. We can then jointly consider the options available. Read more here about Spray Parks.

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