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Gai Beach Hotel (IL) is located on the shore of Lake Tiberias. The hotel has its own water park, which is aptly named Gai Beach Water Park. It is a highly popular destination among tourists and locals alike. In addition to its existing slides and water attractions, the water park’s features will comprise a Watergames & More multilane water slide by next year. We are proud to have been awarded this splendid contract!

Prior to proceeding with construction of the waterslide, Gai Beach Hotel and our experts held a meeting. Seated around the conference table, both Gai Beach Hotel and Watergames & More discussed their respective ideas and expectations. We also addressed issues including for whom the waterslide is intended, what it is to look like, where it should be erected and when it will be completed. Our design department then proceeded to produce a unique design that meets these wishes.

Gai Beach Hotel was looking for a waterslide that is both exciting and suitable for everyone. Our multilane waterslide perfectly matches these requirements. Besides offering excitement, it is suitable for all ages. Even the youngest children can ride it, provided they are accompanied!

As its name suggests, the multilane waterslide comprises several lanes. The version to be constructed at Gai Beach Hotel actually consists of four lanes.

We use solely quality products. This is a vital issue to us, as such quality largely determines the appearance, the pleasure of use and the ease of maintenance.

Furthermore, we make use of sustainable products. We utilise high-quality glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) slide components. We manufacture these entirely in our own factory. Our GRP components are produced manually, using the hand lay-up manufacturing technique. As a result, they are considerably structurally stronger than components made using other production methods.

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