Special offer: optimise your attraction value for the forthcoming season

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In view of the increasing demand for domestic day trips, and with a view to also staying one step ahead of rival sites in your area, it has become more important than ever to offer guests an unforgettable experience. Watergames & More is pleased to think along with leisure companies about how they might optimise their attraction value for the forthcoming season. In the autumn of 2020 – a time when we usually attend trade fairs and similar events – unfortunate circumstances prevented us from meeting one another in person. We nevertheless appreciate that many of you simply had to continue making plans for the season ahead. And we would naturally be pleased to assist you in this regard! Do not hesitate to contact us therefore, if you are interested in our attractive seasonal offer, which can be tailored to your needs to assure you of offering your guests additional attraction value with a new water slide or Spray Park!

Paul van den Berg

Founder & Co-owner, Commercial Director & Account Manager Germany

Spray Parks
Spray Parks are water playgrounds with interactive water sprayers and fountains, etc., which offer visitors the opportunity to play either individually or in groups. Combinations of water jets, sound, cause-effect relationships and elements that can rotate 360° render children’s water play highly interactive.
The water from the sprays is sprayed onto a level floor and therefore drains away directly, which makes for an exceptionally safe playing environment. Furthermore, a Spray Park is highly sustainable, as it consumes little water and electricity, while almost all the water is also collected and reused.

Watergames & More has developed its own waterslide product range. We have compiled a collection of various products with the most favourable properties to create our unique range, which provides a combination of high quality and the ultimate experience. We use materials including high-grade glass-fibre reinforced polyester, which we produce entirely in our own premises. Moreover, our waterslides are maintenance friendly and durable, which ensures that both you and your guests can enjoy aquatic fun for years to come.

Curious to learn how other operators increased the attraction value of their site by adding water play features?

Further information and tailored advice
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