Update your waterslide by applying the latest multimedia technologies

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Watergames & More recently developed an innovative and high quality package of multimedia effects for waterslides, which enables one to offer visitors a spectacular experience. This article contains a further explanation of the multimedia package. Are you not yet ready to replace your entire waterslide, but nevertheless keen to offer your visitors a more impressive experience? This new multimedia system makes updating your waterslide a relatively simple process.

Reasons to update your waterslide by applying multimedia
Themed light and sound effects can render a waterslide ride a unique experience. This enables you to offer visitors both increased attraction value and a reason for repeat visits. In addition to these visitor benefits, our new system offers you – the operator – numerous advantages in comparison to rival systems. It basically offers an infinite range of themes to choose from, which are both more flexible and easy to change. Furthermore, this technology enables us to offer our clients improved quality and service. The convenience of a fault-free system, monitoring-from-the-office and the swift and easy replacement of content and components, vouch for trouble-free operation and minimum out-of-service periods.

No major installation work
Adding multimedia to an existing waterslide usually involves extensive installation work. Watergames & More’s multimedia effects, however, can be readily installed on an existing waterslide. Instead of embedding the components in the waterslide’s glass fibre reinforced polyester, we attach this system’s RGB-W LEDS and speakers to the exterior of the tube. This eliminates the need to drill holes in the waterslide, for example. It therefore provides an aesthetically pleasing effect, which is also more watertight and less invasive for the client.
Another additional advantage of this fixing method is that it allows the speakers to make optimum use of the waterslide’s acoustics. The tube conducts the sound as it were, thus creating a unique sound sensation. The sound appears to emanate not solely from a speaker therefore, but from throughout the waterslide. This makes the visitor experience even more intense.

From idea to commissioning
Would you like to update your current waterslide by applying multimedia? If so, do not hesitate to contact us. We can then jointly discuss your ideas and the possibilities available. Watergames & More’s turnkey service extends to delivery of our multimedia system. This implies that we install the system (including all wiring) and then adjust it to your wishes, allowing you to use your revamped waterslide with no worries whatsoever.
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