New, groundbreaking multimedia in our waterslides!

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Watergames & More has developed an innovative and high quality package of multimedia effects for waterslides, enabling our clients to offer their visitors a heightened sensory experience. Watergames & More is therefore the first and only waterslide supplier in the Netherlands with the in-house capability to provide multimedia effects. This system, with its outstanding quality and endless possibilities exceeds all existing systems known in Europe. This promises to bring about a groundbreaking change in the market. Read more…

The development
The range of multimedia effects comprises various technical components, with a basic unit that allows you to start off small and expand later. The options that the range offers vary from basic start and stop signalling, through time registration systems, interactive games with touch points, and action shots to an infinite number of varied (themed) light and sound effects.

The fully developed innovative multimedia system has already completed several months of fault-free operation in our test setup. The final decision has therefore now been taken to add the multimedia system and all associated options to our product range. The first project equipped with this system is due to be completed shortly, while contracts have been concluded for a further three projects comprising various composite packages.

Some of the advantages of our new system

Various shapes, various functions

The RGB-W LED’s are available in various models and shapes, which can be manufactured to within a centimetre of the exact length required, then applied to the waterslide in all sorts of shapes. This level of versatility enables us to create touch points, effects such as a runway, a barrel effect, LED circles, a twister effect, arrows, or a starlit sky. Whatever your wishes, the system can be set up and adapted entirely to your requirements.

While round RGB-W LEDs are highly suitable for use as themed lighting, they can also be allocated a touchpoint activation function. In fact, the function of an LED can even be changed after installation, so that it no longer serves as a touchpoint, or vice versa. This enables you to surprise slide users time and time again, even when they think they have accurately pinpointed all the touch points!

Technological excellence

The new multimedia system is technically superior to other systems. While the system is highly intelligent, it is nevertheless designed to enable simple and intuitive use on a daily basis. As Watergames & More manages the digital environment of the system itself, we can therefore swiftly and conveniently make changes (such as activating the touch point function on an LED) for clients whenever required. Our remote access to this digital environment enables us to immediately perform ‘on-site’ operations, even though we are not physically present at the waterslide.

The time registration system’s scoreboard is a fully encapsulated LCD screen, which is therefore safe, more aesthetically designed and can display any information necessary.

The camera that takes the action shots is based on a professional security camera. It has not only a broader rotation range, but also an extremely high photo capacity per day. Ideal for use at a busy site.

Our speaker technology is also noteworthy. Although the housing is highly compact, the speakers nevertheless produce a quite considerable audio sensation by cleverly responding to the acoustics of the waterslide.

Industrial & fault free

While the hardware of multimedia systems used in our sector often comprises computers intended for consumer applications, our system is designed for industrial use. The capacity, humidity and temperature in swimming pools place too much of a burden on ‘consumer computers’. Malfunctions are therefore a more common and frequent occurrence. Our new system not only comprises high quality products, but was specifically developed for use in swimming pools and industrial environments. As a result, it is almost completely fault-free, an achievement that was hitherto unimaginable in our sector.

The most favourable price-quality ratio on the market

This new system enables us to offer our clients both improved technology and service, as well as a greater range of options. The convenience of a fault-free system, remote monitoring and the swift and easy replacement of components, vouch for trouble-free operation and minimum out-of-service periods.

Moreover, it enables us to provide our clients’ guests with a much more spectacular experience. The price of this new system will nevertheless remain largely comparable to those we currently charge for multimedia systems.

No major installation work

Adding multimedia to an existing waterslide usually involves extensive installation work. Watergames & More’s multimedia effects can be readily installed on an existing waterslide, however, without even drilling holes in the slide for example. This provides an aesthetically pleasing effect, while it is less invasive for the client. Furthermore, relatively little cabling is required to install this system.


The system also enables slide users to select their own theme for the ride. And thanks to its unparalleled flexibility, it basically offers an infinite range of themes to choose from. The client can either compile a selection of our pre-programmed themes, or have a custom theme developed. It is therefore no longer necessary to make long-term choices: this new system renders retheming a far less laborious (and therefore less expensive) process, as Watergames & More manages the system in a digital environment to which we have remote access.

Apart from customised themes and the possibility to install the LEDs in the waterslide in any imaginable shape, the option of showing projected images on the inside of the waterslide is also available. Whatever your wishes, we are capable of not only supplying standard multimedia effects packages, but also creating a customised experience in cooperation with the client.

Watergames & More supplies turnkey water attractions, including waterslides, from design to installation and maintenance. If required, we can relieve the client of any burden involved in each stage of the project, before carrying out turnkey delivery of the water attraction. Watergames & More’s turnkey service also extends to delivery of the new multimedia system. We first install the system, then set it up in accordance with the client’s wishes. This implies that we also carry out the complete wiring of the system; a service that is far from standard practice in our sector.

On delivery of the project, we also provide a folder containing instructions for the operation and regular maintenance of both the waterslide and the multimedia system, thus also relieving you of any worries following delivery.

“We are particularly pleased to be able to supply our clients with this new, improved technology!”

– Odmar van den Berg, Managing Director Watergames & More –

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