The construction of a water slide through rose-tinted glasses

Reading time: 3 minutes. By Chieneke van Straten, Slides & Spray Parks Designer at Watergames & More

As a designer at Watergames & More, I design water slides and spray parks for a broad range of clients. Together with designer Kirsten I ensure that clients get the water attraction they have in mind for their recreation site. Based on their wishes, we conceive a design that complies with all the applicable standards and requirements. Such a design comprises both the water attraction itself and all the structures that are required to build it.

I have been doing this job since January 2019. Towards the close of 2018, I was looking for a new challenge. I was ready to pursue my further personal development, but was stuck in a bit of a rut in my current job. During my job hunt, I came across the vacancy at Watergames & More and I knew right away that I wanted to work here. It had never struck me before that there are actually people whose occupation it is to design slides. To me it sounded like the game Rollercoaster Tycoon that I used to play, but then in real life and with water attractions. I figured that the job would offer me ample opportunities for development, and I am still very happy to be working at Watergames & More!

One of the most exceptional projects that I worked on in recent months is the water slide at the Maarsseveense Plassen recreational area. The design was already at quite an advanced stage when I got involved in the project. There were only a few details that needed to be modified, including the stairs to the start of the slide. This proved the perfect project for me to work on and to get fully acquainted with designing a spiral staircase.

I also visited the site during the construction of the waterslide. Sometimes it happens that, due to circumstances, the design turns out to be just a little different from what was originally conceived. In that case, it is our job to resolve the issues on site. Just a few minor modifications had to be made to enable us to install the waterslide in the right position.

What I particularly enjoyed about this project is that I started the job when it was still just a 3D file, that I then witnessed delivery of all the individual components on site, and that I ultimately got the chance to slide down it.  I was involved from start to finish, and it’s great to see the end result!

Another interesting detail of this project is the colour of the waterslide. As a female designer, pink is my favourite colour for our products, and this client was really keen about the idea!

realisatie van een waterglijbaan

The waterslide at Maarsseveense Plassen was completed at the end of June, and the first visitors were able to use it. I also took a ride on it. That was not just fun, but I also learned a lot from it. When you slide down it yourself, you personally experience how the initial design requirements have actually been incorporated in the project, such as the gradient and the use of bends. As you glide along, you really come to appreciate the significance and the result of those requirements and rules. This experience should enable me to design in an even more enjoyable and refined manner.

I was also very happy to see the children come down the slide and hear their reactions. We should be able to use these reactions as input in future projects for our clients.

A project like the one at Maarsseveense Plassen left me longing for more of the same. I hope to produce many more great designs, and to be involved in the realisation from start to finish. I look forward to seeing water attractions that I designed first hand, whenever I play water polo matches at opponents’ pools. At the moment I’m working on some new, fun projects, which should be ready for testing in the short term. And I’m definitely going to test them, too!

About Chieneke:
Chieneke graduated in Industrial Product Design from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. As a creative person and water polo player, designing water attractions turned out to be the perfect job for her. Together with her colleague Kirsten, she is responsible for the complete design of projects. She interprets clients’ wishes into designs, and ensures that the working and steel construction drawings are ready for production. She likes to think along with you with a view to creating a product that is as appealing as possible, which makes people happy; both you and the end users!

About Watergames & More:
Watergames & More supplies turnkey water attractions, including waterslides, from design to installation and maintenance. Attention and service are of paramount importance to this family business. Thanks to our accurate translation of your individual requirements into the design, and the application of high-quality products and skilled people, any further expansion, replacement or new purchase is guaranteed to yield a successful attraction.

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