Standards committees: standards and the safety of slides and water play equipment

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 – By our Designer Kirsten –

Slides and water play equipment are splendid and often exciting products. Various (international) standards have been drawn up, however, to ensure that safety is not compromised. As Watergames & More considers it vital that all equipment meets these standards, it also plays an active role in establishing them. Watergames & More’s designer, Kirsten, represents us in various standards committees.

The standard
Waterslides are officially considered playground equipment, and therefore have to comply with the Amusement and Playground Equipment (Commodities Act) Decree (WAS) and a number of standards designated by ministerial regulation. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) monitors compliance with the WAS.

Watergames & More on standards committees
Some time ago, we opted to participate in a number of the Royal Netherlands Standardisation Institute Foundation’s (NEN) standards committees, which enables to remain abreast of the latest changes in standards and other related matters under discussion. NEN connects various stakeholders and parties, which enables it to establish new standards and guidelines at any time, in addition to ensuring that existing ones are updated. As new technologies (such as mobile bases, drowning detection systems, etc.) raise new issues, they may also affect our products. A new standard for water play equipment is therefore currently under development, which is set to be implemented in the foreseeable future.

Given that such a broad range of parties participates in committee discussions, each has the opportunity to share their own vision and experiences, with a view to ultimately establishing as complete a set of standards as possible. These standards are often introduced internationally, with a number of ballots and provisional periods, enabling the various countries to provide input and propose amendments. All in all, participation is a highly worthwhile cause!

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About Kirsten
Kirsten graduated from Delft University of Technology in Industrial Design Engineering and Design for Interaction. During her career she has designed playground equipment and school furniture, among other things, and since February 2018 she has been responsible for the conceptualisation and engineering of waterslides and steel structures, from concept to end product at Watergames & More.

About Watergames & More
Family business Watergames & More creates turn-key water attractions, among which Waterplay Solutions Corp.’s Spray Parks, from design to assembly and maintenance. Personal attention and service are of paramount importance. The client is completely relieved of any worries throughout each stage of the process. With the right mix of individual design requirements, high-quality products and a skilled team, every expansion, replacement or new purchase is guaranteed to be a successful attraction.

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