A slide designer’s life is actually not a slippery slope!

Reading time: 1.5 minutes | By Kirsten Jongman, Head of Design of Slides & Spray Parks at Watergames & More

We have our own engineering department at Watergames & More. This enables us to produce a highly meticulous design for every single project, so that each customer ultimately receives a slide or Spray Park that meets all their requirements and wishes. As well as complying with all standards, as highly stringent safety requirements apply to waterslides in particular.

As the technical details for Spray Parks are relatively simple by comparison – with the exception of the occasional special – our department focuses mainly on waterslides. While we sell the odd one to a private campsite proprietor, for example, the vast majority are intended for larger swimming pool projects in the Netherlands or Belgium. We therefore hold extensive consultations with all sorts of people, ranging from architects to installers, in order to gain a suitable impression of their wishes, but also to familiarise ourselves with the sites of the new slides. Designing for existing buildings in particular can often pose a challenge: are there any obstacles along the course of the slide, is there sufficient space to install the steel supports? Because it is not only the external design that is important: the water supply and drainage, power supplies to any multimedia in the slide, and the ultimate (watertight) structural finishing of the elements throughout also have to be taken into account. This can only be achieved with the aid of continuous consultation between the various parties. We also discuss with our account manager any changes or additions to the client’s requirements on a daily basis, in order to be able to align these with the functional possibilities.

With all these factors in mind, we use our 3D software to draw the trajectory, while keeping a copy of the NEN EN 1069 standard close to hand. The heights of the upper and lower ends, the length of the slide and how exciting the experience is to be for the intended users, are all of particular importance in this regard. Once a compliant design has been established, a speed check is carried out using a calculation program, with a view to identifying possible remaining bottlenecks. Following any minor modifications and the creation of a drawing depicting all the multimedia, the customer is asked for approval. When we work with architects, they often check that our 3D model does not conflict with the building design, so that we do not encounter any unpleasant surprises during installation. Then the loadbearing steelwork is then worked out in 3D. Once the static forces involved have been calculated by an independent party, the steelwork can be made ready for production and ordered. While the polyester and steel are being fabricated, we have to produce overview drawings for the installation crews so that the installation also runs as smoothly as possible.

As several slide projects are usually executed simultaneously, we certainly don’t get bored. After all, we know: A slide designer’s job is actually not a slippery slope!

About Kirsten
Kirsten graduated from Delft University of Technology in Industrial Design Engineering and Design for Interaction. During her career she has designed playground equipment and school furniture, among other things, and since February 2018 she has been responsible for the conceptualisation and engineering of waterslides and steel structures, from concept to end product at Watergames & More.

About Watergames & More
Watergames & More supplies turnkey water attractions, including waterslides, from design to installation and maintenance. Attention and service are of paramount importance to this family business. Thanks to its accurate translation of the individual requirements into the design, and the application of high-quality products and skilled people, any further expansion, replacement or new purchase is guaranteed to yield a successful attraction.

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