Waterplay introduces updated product range: Activity Tower

Waterplay’s Slide Activity Centers are making way to an updated version of the concept. The concept offers architects and companies more freedom in designing and there is more room for thematic development. Architects will be given access to a design program in which they can make 3D-impressions of their designs. Waterplay’s renewed concept goes by the name Activity Towers and is now available at Watergames & More.

Activity Tower’s renewed concept offers more possibilities than its predecessors, the Slide Activity Center. Where companies used to be able to choose from four to five standard models they can now choose every part of the Activity Tower themselves. Furthermore, it is now possible to design the unit with adjustments in colors and by applying themes.

More creative leeway 
Waterplay’s Activity Tower has become a complete modular concept. Clients and designers themselves, choose size, height and elements of the equipment. The Activity Tower has eight corners. The elements that can be linked to the equipment are, among others, various footbridges, slides and water spray elements. Once the structure has been designed as desired then the theme can be applied. Waterplay offers various themes that can be completely customized. The architect will have access to Waterplay’s design program.

Architects and clients can design and draw the structures together. The drawing of the play structure can then be worked into a 3D-impression. The main advantage of a 3D- impression is that the client can immediately see his or her ideas come to life. A 3D-impression speaks louder to the imagination than just drawings. The reaction time and waiting time is much shorter and the design process is much faster than before. This makes it possible to build the structure on short notice.

See what Activity Towers can mean for your swimming pool or recreation park! We can provide the structures immediately. Do you have any questions about Waterplay’s updated product range? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will gladly help.

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