Waterplay launches new Spray Parks product range

Waterplay Solutions Corp. launched a new product range for Spray Parks during the American NRPA conference in St. Louis, Missouri. This new range makes Spray Parks environmentally friendlier and provides architects with more leeway to use creative ideas. Spray Parks will become even more economical and modern. 

The annual National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) conference took place 5-8 October 2016. The conference was held in the America’s Center Convention Complex, in St. Louis, MO. During this event, Waterplay highlighted their new product range for the trade fair’s international attendees.

Waterplay listened carefully to the leisure industry’s demands when developing their new product range. The new product range not only makes Spray Parks more environmentally friendly and more attractive to leisure managers, but also more modern and flexible. The units from the new product range will be available mid-November 2016.

Less water consumption and lower expenses
The units’ diameter is smaller than that of the current range. Also, from now on all units will have one universal tube diameter. This ensures that the units use less water and that the units take off faster. Therefore, children can enjoy water fun even faster! Furthermore, the water treatment systems have been made smaller, ensuring lower installation costs.

Flexibility and challenge
The units’ operating systems have also been improved. New computers provide the units with higher interactivity, making the Spray Parks even more challenging. There are even more units with interactive features, allowing children to play enthusiastically in the Spray Park. The systems are delivered pre-programed after which the settings can be modified as you wish.

To date, the bases of the units weren’t all the same, making the units a bit difficult to exchange and move. The units from the new product range make it easy. All products have universal bases. This allows the units to switch places, enhancing the flexibility of the Spray Parks. This lets you change the arrangement of your Spray Parks, surprising your young bathers with a brand new water playground!

Elbow room for architects
Waterplay’s new product range gives architects more leeway for their creativity. Customized solutions are even more available, now that the units have universal bases and tube diameters. Architects can design complete play structures to be part of the Spray Park. Thus making the appearance of a Spray Park even more unique and more compatible to its environment.

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