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 – By our Designer Kirsten –

On Wednesday 27 May, Watergames & More and a number of German companies, including POS4 Architekten, Pellikaan and KRIEGER Architekten, organized the webinar entitled ‘BIM mit Seepferdchen’. The webinar explained a number of highly interesting options that the latest BIM software offers.

Designers, suppliers and other parties involved use Building Information Modelling (BIM) to generate an accurate composite building model, while avoiding discrepancies between the various components of structures. As large numbers of individual parties are often involved in projects of this scale, it is only prudent that measures be taken to minimise both the chance of errors and any ensuing failure costs. By granting everyone involved access to a combined 3D model, one can identify and resolve any issues that arise as quickly as possible. In fact, the building model can even be used to produce a phased plan for final completion of the building, enabling one to both establish how each stage should be executed, and to ultimately compare it with the as-built drawings as a means of assessing the project.

Watergames & More & BIM
Our design department has long favoured and benefited from the functionality that BIM offers, particularly when it comes to designing waterslides. We prefer to cooperate with architects and designers at the earliest possible stage, in establishing how we might best construct a safe waterslide in the building, while also taking into account the requirements and wishes associated with this preliminary design. At this point, it enables us to basically estimate whether the depth of water in the catch unit is sufficient, and whether the free space required is compliant with the applicable standard.

At later stages, however, it is important that we are aware of the ultimate positioning of elements such as concrete landings and platforms, with a view to establishing suitable start and end heights. In addition, as the tolerances between structural elements such as walls and columns are often quite narrow, minor adjustments sometimes need to be made to the course of waterslides. Another example is the connections that sometimes have to be made between our steelwork and building structures, such as timber trusses in a roof structure. The fact that we have access to all the relevant dimensions in advance very much simplifies the process of making static calculations for the steelwork that is ultimately to be erected.

All in all, BIM provides us with the right tools to design our waterslides in a building in an appropriate manner, as well as drawings as the basis to both discuss and clearly visualize the (im)possibilities of our products in each particular client’s circumstances.

Watch the webinar:

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About Kirsten
Kirsten graduated from Delft University of Technology in Industrial Design Engineering and Design for Interaction. During her career she has designed playground equipment and school furniture, among other things, and since February 2018 she has been responsible for the conceptualisation and engineering of waterslides and steel structures, from concept to end product at Watergames & More.

About Watergames & More
Watergames & More supplies turnkey water attractions, including waterslides, from design to installation and maintenance. Attention and service are of paramount importance to this family business. Our accurate interpretation and inclusion of individual wishes in the design, high-quality products and skilled workforce ensure that any extension, replacement or new purchase is guaranteed to yield a successful attraction.

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