Municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel

Watergames & More constructed a public Spray Park in the Schollebos forest, in the municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands. This water playground offers children of all ages oodles of fun, as well as providing a social meeting place for their parents. In addition, the Spray Park helps reduce heat stress, while contributing to improved health. This makes it an attractive addition to amenities for residents of the municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel, and to those of neighbouring municipalities who wish to avail themselves of the park’s facilities.

Realisation of the project
In 2017, the serving children’s town council proposed that a water playground be constructed. The town’s former Children’s Mayor and current Children’s Minister, Mariam Yousfi, explains: ‘While Capelle boasts numerous nice playgrounds, we didn’t have one with water at the time. It can be such fun to play with water, particularly during the summer. Water playgrounds are generally only found at holiday destinations. And as some of Capelle’s children are unfortunately unable to go on holiday, it would be great if they had a water playground in the vicinity. During the children’s conference in 2017, the children’s council revealed that the project was to be called “De Watervallei”. I am proud that “De Watervallei” has now become reality.’

Project activities
Watergames & More supplied the Waterplay Solutions Corp. equipment for this project, as well as performing project coordination. The latter was a specific wish of the client: The entire project had to be executed from A to Z, so that the client did not have to contract any construction work itself and/or engage other parties such as contractors. Watergames & More proved to be the ideal party to carry out turnkey delivery of the Spray Park.

In consultation with the Municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel, the design of the Spray Park was optimised for the public space, both in terms of footprint and finishing. The Spray Park’s footprint was adapted to those of the other playground facilities around it, so that it blends in with its surroundings. The pipes were manufactured using stainless steel, and are sealed with a view to increasing both sustainability and manageability, which are important points for attention in the public space. All of the Spray Park’s equipment is also made of high quality stainless steel. The powder coating that we apply protects the elements from corrosion, the effects of frequent use and UV radiation. Furthermore, the absence of any sharp edges makes them particularly safe. All of which renders the equipment highly suitable for public spaces.

Health and conviviality for all ages
The town’s current Children’s Mayor, Ilias Oukbih, is also pleased with the first public water playground in the Netherlands: ‘It is important that children get plenty of exercise, instead of just sitting at the computer. Playing with water is even more fun in the summer, and also healthy. Schollebos is a great place to play with other children. We in the children’s council also think this is important. After all, the more people can get together, the more fun it becomes.’

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The Watervallei is open daily from 10:00 to 20:00 hours during the summer months (from April to October). The Spray Park is located in the middle of the Schollebos forest, near the climbing pyramid, playground and skate park.

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