Public Spray Park Capelle aan den IJssel boosts the local environment

Capelle aan den IJssel wants to make the municipality more appealing. As part of this prestigious project, Watergames & More will realise a public Spray Park in the Schollebos area in Capelle aan den IJssel. The Spray Park will make public space more attractive to residents and visitors.

Children are naturally attracted by water and fed by curiosity. A Spray Park in the public space therefore enriches a child-friendly city or municipality as it allows children to play with water and enjoy summer days without going on holiday. By encouraging exercise, Spray Park creates a healthy playing environment. It also provides a social meeting place for parents.

The benefits of a public Spray Park

Safety & Surveillance
Children can play carefree in the public water playground. A slip-resistant floor prevents unnecessary accidents. Also, the water attractions have no sharp edges and can take a knock or two. Because the water is discharged directly into the drains, there is no danger of drowning and the municipality need not arrange supervision.

Maintenance, costs & environment
The powder coating of the water attractions is designed to withstand the elements and is resistant to extreme climate temperatures, humidity and UV radiation. A Spray Park is particularly easy to maintain, has low water and power consumption and does not require a complex water treatment system. As a result, start-up, operating and maintenance costs are surprisingly low.

Few chemicals are needed to maintain the required water quality and the Spray Park attractions are only activated when children are playing. Moreover, it is sustainable, because almost all the water is collected and reused.

opening openbare Spray Park

Wheelchair-friendly water playground

All children are welcome in the public Spray Park in Capelle aan den IJssel: the water playground is fully wheelchair accessible. The floor is finished completely flat and the playground is free of thresholds and raised edges. Sufficient space will be left between the attractions and all activation controls will be placed at hand height, so that everyone can easily operate the interactive elements. An asset for the public space.

A Spray Park in your municipality

Work on the Spray Park in the Schollebos area will start soon. It is expected to be completed before this summer season. Would you also like a refreshing water playground in your municipality to contribute to the revitalisation of the public space? View our product page or contact us. If you want to stay informed about developments by Watergames & More, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter or register for our newsletter.

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