W&M set to work on Europe’s biggest water paradise

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Watergames & More has taken on a super cool project for Tropical Islands, Europe’s largest water paradise located just south of Berlin. Watergames & More will realise exciting waterslides and a Spray Park for Tropical Islands. We will start work in May and expect to complete the project by 1 August. We simply can’t wait to get started. In the paragraphs below we will give you an impression of the project.

The double racer is a waterslide with two tracks 206 metres long. This waterslide, which will be the longest indoor double racer, which uses mats, will start at a height of over 21 metres, after which the start-stop system will tell the two competitors when they can start at the same time. Then the race begins! During the race, the tracks converge several times, so you can see where your opponent is. In addition, transparent tube sections have been incorporated into the waterslide, so that visitors have a few seconds to look around to see at what height they are sliding. Who will reach the end first? A scoreboard indicates who has set the fastest time. Reason enough for the loser to demand another go, so the waterslide encourages visitors to keep on sliding.

To realise the waterslide, Watergames & More will also extend the staircase and broaden it to the highest section.

The little ones won’t be forgotten of course, For them, we will realise a water play area, fully themed in the underwater world with an octopus, rocks, etc. The design is created in cooperation with Jora Vision. Besides the custom-made objects, many ground sprayers and waterplay equipment of our partner Waterplay have been included in the design. To guarantee an extra spectacular experience, light and sound elements are used in the Spray Park. You can see the full design in the image below.

Would you like further details of these fairs, or are you curious to know what information we might provide there? Please contact us. Want to stay informed about our developments? If so, then follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to Newsletter.

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