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Of interest to: day recreation, leisure accommodation, swimming pools, amusement parks and municipalities

Watergames & More ensures that your dreams come true. As part of this process, Watergames & More assists clients in achieving their ambitions by producing a creative design. This article explains just how we do so.

We consider it important to make closer acquaintance with our (potential) client and discuss their wishes during an introductory meeting. We also prefer to do so during a visit the client’s premises, if possible. This enables us to gain a suitable impression of the site, with a view to later drafting a design. During the introductory meeting, we discuss future plans, issues that the client considers important, the target group for which they intend to construct a water attraction, etc.

Gut feeling is vital to us in this regard. Not only do such instincts make our products unique, they also serve as the basis on which we prefer to do business. We therefore not only heed them, but also dare to act upon them.


Just as no two sites are ever the same, so do we appreciate the significance of ensuring that every design is unique, too. With this in mind, our account manager and in-house design team exchange ideas on how best to fulfil the client’s wishes. The latter then sets to work to conceive a creative design. Our in-house design team designs the most appealing, fun and challenging combinations of Spray Parks, water play structures and waterslides. Literally anything is possible, from a nature theme, an ice theme to a fairy-tale theme; you name it. Our in-house design team pulls out all the stops to exceed your expectations.

In their endeavours to make our clients’ visions tangible, the team always bears in mind that they have to remain makeable. While taking the choice of materials into account, they therefore also consider the possibilities of making connections to existing technical facilities.

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Once the design is complete, one of our account managers (Marc or Remco) will visit you to present it. During this meeting, they explain the design choices made and discuss its content with you. Of course, there remains scope to amend the design following this meeting. Our in-house design team enables us to switch swiftly in this regard. This enables us to jointly devise your dream design.

We also discuss the attendant work during this phase. While Watergames & More is capable of relieving a client of any worries by executing full implementation of the project from A to Z, clients also retain the option of performing certain activities themselves.

Are you absolutely ecstatic about the design? That’s cool! We put our shoulders to the wheel and get the job done. We appoint a project manager to ensure that the project remains on track. As your first point of contact, the project manager offers you ample support from start to finish. And on completion of the project, it’s time for a festive opening and aquatic fun for your guests.

We also remain at our clients’ disposal following completion of their projects. We can assist you with the maintenance of your water attraction. However, you also have the option of concluding a maintenance contract. If you do so, your water attraction will be prepared for both the summer and winter seasons, while maintenance of the water treatment system is also carried out. The fact that Watergames & More relieves you of any worries in this regard, enables you to focus fully on your core business.

Winterklaar maken Spray Park. Door de nozzels te vervangen door blindkappen, kan er geen regenwater de leidingen in lopen.

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