Three new sustainable waterslides for Mona Mare Monheim

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We are to construct not one, but three new water slides at the Mona Mare Monheim swimming pool in Germany! They are equipped with the appropriate technology to cut energy costs. Watergames & Moreis to carry out turnkey delivery of all three sustainable waterslides.

In consultation with the client, careful consideration was paid to the waterslides’ appearance, to ensure that they blend seamlessly into the site. The client’s additional wishes were also closely observed. Each of the waterslides was designed by one of our expert designers. Their unique designs address the delicate balance of safety, excitement, aesthetics and fun required.

The waterslides for Mona Mare Monheim have the following appearance:

All three waterslides are both insulated and equipped with multimedia effects. Each comprises several touch points throughout its length. The slides’ interiors are fitted with LED lights that create rainbow effects.

Two of the waterslides measure 1.2 metres in diameter. The third has a diameter of just 0.8 metres. This slightly narrower model offers visitors a quicker ride than its two counterparts.

The waterslides commence inside the pool building, extend beyond the exterior walls, then culminate side by side indoors again. Given that the slides are largely exposed to the outdoor elements, they are susceptible to considerable heat loss. If the tubes were not insulated therefore, the energy bill would prove astronomical. Watergames & More takes such aspects into account, while thinking along with the client. Each of the waterslides is therefore thoroughly insulated, thus significantly reducing their energy consumption. Such insulation prevents draughts and condensation on the interior of the waterslide. This also enhances the pleasure of the ride.

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