Spray Park Swimming Pool De Kimpel

Watergames & More continues to be active in realizing innovative Spray Parks to elevate daytime recreation to a higher play level, also in Belgium. Custom-made Spray Parks such as this project are durable, low in running costs and therefore an ideal investment.

Watergames & More won a bid in Belgium, to develop and build a Spray Park for Swimming pool de Kimpel. This will be a turnkey, custom-made Spray Park for which we have designed this interactive water playground, will deliver and install it. Taking control of the whole project and unburdening Swimming pool de Kimpel until the park is completed.

Various water arches (“Water-O”) and spray installations (Ground Sprays) will be used, and above ground elements are designed using vibrant colors. The finishing touch will be special fun shapes in the color pallet and theme used in the soft Polysoft floor. Think of shapes such as starfish and turtles. This beautiful park will be realized coming spring.

Spray Parks are innovative and durable. They are low in water and electricity consumption and therefore the ideal investment for an extension of the water play fun of your guests. There is no need for a complex water treatment installation as with basins, making a Spray Park also financially attractive. An additional advantage is the low dosage of chemicals.

The Polysoft floors are a pleasant surface to walk on and are anti slip to prevent unnecessary slipping. This makes this water playground safe for even the smallest children. Watergames & More is a specialized and experienced partner for custom made Spray Parks, also for wheelchair accessible projects such as for recreatiedomein Zilvermeer.

An exciting Spray Park can be designed for any budget thanks to the complete package for which Watergames & More has all specialties under one roof. Have you become curious about the many advantages, would you like more information or are you interested in seeing what we can design for you? Then have a look at our Spray Park page.

The photo depicts the digital rendition of the design for the Swimming pool de Kimpel Spray Park.

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