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Spray Parks
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Spray Parks

It's all about the children

Spray Parks are interactive water playgrounds, where the water arrives on a flat floor and is immediately drained away. All of our water playgrounds can also be combined with an existing basin. This is what we call a Splash Area.

We satisfy children's need for playing with water. Kids feel naturally drawn to water, and with our interactive water playgrounds we offer them a safe and healthy environment to play in. Our water playgrounds encourage a considerable and prolonged movement, and thus contribute to children's health and development.

Where are Spray Parks suitable?

Our Spray Parks are an enrichment in a whole range of situations:

  • In public spaces, such as parks;
  • at swimming pools;
  • at camp sites and bungalow parks;
  • at playgrounds (indoor or outdoor) and recreation parks;
  • at child day-care centres and care institutions;
  • at hotels.

Enrichment for swimming pools

You can all use every component from our programme for providing swimming pools with exiting water-games equipment.

Splash Areas can be later introduced into existing basins, but also have a place in newly designed basins. The elements can usually be connected to the existing water-treatment installation without any problems.

Take a look at the possibilities in our digital catalogue, or get in touch us with.

Choose more Spray Park:

More returns, fewer costs

A Spray Park can help to you save costs, and to enhance your operation. You save costs because you basins can be filled in. That leads to:

  • less water consumption;
  • fewer chemicals used;
  • less power used;.

Your Spray Park itself uses less water, less power and fewer chemicals. Installing a Spray Park can furthermore also result in staff-cost savings (or staff being utilised more effectively), since no supervision is required.

Because children will want to keep on coming back, your Spray Park also enhances your operation. A Spray Park extends the stay in your accommodation, and can see to an increase in your catering revenue.

A Spray Park is a way of investing that pays for itself straight away.

We stand for quality

We strive for the best quality in both our service and products.

Our elements are made of a high-quality stainless steel, for which we provide a 25-year warranty! The powder coating we use furthermore protects the elements against corrosion, influences of frequent use and the elements.

We also offer you:

  • no-obligation customised quotations for your Spray Park;
  • complete peace of mind through turn-key delivery;
  • working with you extensively on what you want;
  • specialised customer service to assist you.

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