Spray Park for Austria’s largest theme park: Familypark

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Watergames & More recently completed construction of a brand new spray park at the Familypark theme park in the Neusiedlersee region of Austria. A unique themed design has been implemented, commissioned by Compagnie des Alpes, which only recently acquired the park. With the addition of the spray park, the amusement park can now offer its visitors both the opportunity to cool off during hot summers and even greater attraction value.

Fun for young and old alike
We installed various items of equipment supplied by Waterplay Solutions Corp, in the spray park, which are aimed at the young and old alike. Young children can frolic to their hearts’ desire with Ground Sprays, Water Weavers and Surf Stones; water play equipment that encourages recreation in a tranquil and accessible fashion, while promoting both hand-eye coordination and fine and gross motor skills in a light-hearted manner.
Older children can enjoy equipment including Splash Blasters (water cannons) and a Mega Soaker, a large tipping bucket that pours out approx. 150 litres of water onto a large flat area, causing a tremendous splash.

Fully themed
At the request of the client, Compagnie des Alpes, we developed a design based on a mining theme. The design incorporates both existing and new decorative features. Furthermore, the colours of the water play equipment are also coordinated, so that they blend to create a coherent impression.

Carefree & sustainable play
As no water is left standing, there is also no danger of drowning. The new spay park therefore allows children of all ages to play carefree. In addition, the surface of the park provides sufficient slip resistance to prevent anyone from slipping unexpectedly. The equipment supplied by Waterplay Solutions Corp. is finished in a durable and seamless manner, and is therefore devoid of sharp edges.
The spray park consumes low levels of water and power, which is good for the environment. The equipment turns itself off when no children are playing, and swiftly re-engages whenever kids come along again.

Further information
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