Renovation of toddler pool in Speelpark de Splinter

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The play park known as Speelpark de Splinter is located in the Dutch province of Brabant (NL). This spacious park is managed by the Municipality of Eindhoven. It has two outdoor toddler pools that are in urgent need of replacement, however. Watergames & More therefore assisted De Splinter in devising a concrete plan for their renovation. We are consequently scheduled to construct a new toddler pool and a spray park there in 2023!

Speelpark de Splinter’s existing toddler pools and associated systems are seriously outdated. They are both in poor condition and no longer compliant with the applicable safety requirements. The constant repairs and maintenance required to vouch for the pool’s safety cost De Splinter a great deal time, money and energy. The Municipality of Eindhoven therefore decided to have this part of the park renovated. Watergames & More has been involved in the project from the outset. It is essential that the toddler play area remain accessible and safe for everyone. Bearing this in mind, we proceeded to develop several ideas. The combination of a renovated toddler pool and a new spray park with a small water slide proved a perfect fit in this regard. Furthermore, inclusion of the latest technology and systems should render this play area durable and maintenance-friendly once again.

The image below provide an impression of the related designs.

The two pools are to be replaced with a single toddler pool and a spray park. This interactive water playground comprises water sprays and fountains. We cooperate closely with our partner Waterplay® in creating Spray Parks This quality brand advises and monitors us in the field of safety throughout the process. Our partner has also designed numerous interactive elements on the basis of intensive research into children’s learning behaviour. The variety of spray patterns produced ensures that children remain both active and captivated. By opting for a selection of nozzles (interchangeable sprays) and a varied spray programme, one can set up the spray pattern in a versatile manner. Aquatic fun guaranteed for everyone!

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