Refreshing aquatic fun in your swimming pool

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Of interest to: Leisure accommodation, Day recreation, Swimming pools, Amusement parks and Public spaces

Do you ever feel that your swimming pool has become slightly dull? That visitors soon get bored and opt to stay away? We can appreciate that. While a swimming pool is definitely a great place to cool off on a hot day, it can nevertheless become a bit monotonous. Especially if it doesn’t offer visitors any challenge.

Construct your own aquatic obstacle course using our inflatables! These are air-filled play equipment for use on water. They are the perfect way to breathe new life into your pool. Besides offering a challenge and fun for all ages, they can also be swiftly supplied.

Inflatables are suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools and for any depth of water. Some of the equipment is highly suitable for standard 25-metre-long pools with a water depth of 2m or less. The basic courses below are suitable for a standard pool. The equipment is lightweight and can be installed in a water depth of 2m or less.

If you are unsure whether such a play equipment is suitable for your site, please do not hesitate to contact us. We remain at your service to assist in addressing your challenge.

Water depth: 5’6″ (1,5m)

Water depth: 5’6″ (1,5m)

Water depth: 5’6″ (1,5m)

  • They provide a challenge and fun. Inflatables are not only fun, but also challenging. They keep your visitors entertained, thereby encouraging them to stay at your pool longer.
  • They are appealing: Inflatables are a real eye-catcher. They attract visitors, while rendering your pool far more interesting.
  • An inflatable can be set up or deflated in a jiffy.
  • No risk of becoming trapped, thanks to smart safety applications.

You can quickly reap the benefits of your purchase. These inflatables can be swiftly supplied. This implies that you can already experience the advantages next bathing season! Do you require either further information or a quotation, or wish to place an order? If so, contact us straight away! Stay abreast of Watergames & More’s latest developments and projects by following us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter.

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