Inflatables: the perfect addition to your swimming pool

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Of interest to: Watergames, Leisure accommodation, Day recreation and Swimming pools

Add aquatic fun to your swimming pool using inflatables! These are inflatable play elements suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor pools. They are the perfect means of making your guests’ summer unforgettable.

Watergames and More supplies inflatables in collaboration with Union Aquaparks. We provide a wide range of inflatables suitable for any site. Furthermore, their ready availability offers your guests the opportunity to enjoy the benefit they offer as early as this summer!

Inflatables are much more than just inflatable play equipment. They are huge elements available in countless shapes and sizes, including a water trampoline, slides, climbing walls and obstacles. This play equipment is suitable for both adults and children. It offers not only fun and entertainment, but also a physical challenge and a great way to keep fit. This is a splendid way for your guests to spend the summer with their family and friends.

Union Aquaparks’ inflatables are distinguished by their exceptional quality and modular structure. They can therefore be interconnected and substituted for one another highly conveniently. Union inflatables are manufactured from high-quality PVC fabric, which is TÜV certified. Its resistance to both UV rays and mould growth vouches for an extended service life. Drop-stitch seams ensure that the elements remain in shape even under high pressure Furthermore, Union inflatables retain their pressure longer than the average inflatable play elements on the market.

Their non-slip surface also offers users better grip. Smart safety features prevent the elements from detaching on the water, thus preventing any risk of becoming trapped.

Make this summer unforgettable for your guests by ordering inflatables from Watergames and More straight away. Contact us at! If you want to stay abreast of the latest developments at Watergames & More and our projects, follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter.

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