Spray Parks for all locations and budgets

Children are naturally drawn to water. You can offer children of all ages a safe and healthy play environment with the interactive water playgrounds by Watergames & More. We can build an exciting Spray Park at any location and for any budget. That way children can enjoy the best conceivable toy at every possible location!

Spray Parks at every location

Our Spray Parks are an enhancement in the most diverse of situations, for example in public areas, at swimming pools, leisure parks, campsites or hotels. Spray Parks can be built both indoors or outdoors. The basic principle is that there isn’t any stagnant water. Water flows directly to the drains present. Therefore, there isn’t any danger of drowning. Furthermore, the foundation offers sufficient  slip resistance to prevent unnecessary slipping. Additionally, the Waterplay equipment does not have any sharp edges and they are durable. This ensures that children of all ages can play carefree in this water paradise. The Waterplay equipment can also be implemented in a wading pool situation, in situations with a need for a (small) water basin.

A water paradise for any budget

A Spray Park can be furnished according to your wishes: you decide which units and colors will be part of your water paradise. This allows us to build a water attraction for any budget. Furthermore, the Spray Park can be expanded modularly. Future expansions can be thought out in the preliminary phase but don’t need to be implemented immediately. This way you can renew a Spray Park with just a few minor adaptations and offer your guests something new. Time and again you will increase the play fun! Furthermore, Spray Parks are economical in use, both with regard to energy and water. The play equipment uses water efficiently. You don’t need a complex water treatment installation and by using less water, less chemicals are used to keep the water at the right quality. A Spray Park is therefore also an eco-friendly choice.

A Spray Park for you

Did you know that if you choose a Spray Park now, you can build it before the summer of 2019? If we have another wonderful (Indian)summer like this year, then your guests will be able to optimally enjoy the exciting water attraction. Would you like to know more about Spray Parks? Please visit our booth at the Recreatie Vakbeurs from 27-30 November and we would gladly discuss your options. Or feel free to contact us.

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